The key to success with any plant starts in the roots.  Strong, healthy roots need good drainage, aeration and lots of organic matter to grow and thrive.

Grass Pad’s Max Mix professional landscape mix is the premium horticultural grade planting media and soil amendment.  Uncle’s combination of processed pine bark fines, naturally composted organic material, lime, gypsum and sphagnum peat make for a mix that does it all! This specially blended mixture has been meticulously designed to have the ideal balance of pH, organic matter, and moisture retention while providing the necessary drainage your landscape requires.

Use Max Mix to improve soil conditions when planting trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bare root stock, bulbs, and vegetables.  Max Mix also makes an excellent potting soil for all your outdoor pots, planters, and baskets.  Uncle’s Max Mix blend is designed for use in raised vegetable gardens, rose beds, or wherever your existing soil is just not worth using. The uses are endless!

Feed new plantings with Uncle’s Root Accelerator to promote root development and you will see noticeable improvement in plant performance. For best results, water in Root Accelerator at the recommended rates, once a month throughout the first growing season. Never plant a tree or shrub without improving your soil with Max Mix and Root Accelerator…Uncle’s secret formula for Idiot Proof planting.

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