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Customer Testimonial

Grass Pad customers are the best! We take pride in helping customers achieve their goals when it comes making a beautiful lawn. Come on down to the Grass Pad and we can help you with your lawn and garden needs. Just listen to a few of our customers.

Dan A. – Testimonial

"Here's my submission from Naperville, Illinois!"-Dan A.

Tyler S – Testimonial

"Hey guys! I have attached a couple before and after photos of my lawn renovation. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Thank you so much for your product and always being willing to help!"Thank You!-Tyler...

Ellis B. – Testimonial

"Year 5 of Grass Pad partnership."-Ellis B.

Amanda N. – Testimonial

"Thanks Grasspad for helping us finally grow grass in our front yard!"-Amanda N.

Brad L – Testimonial

"Uncle, Though I send a pic of my yard after seeding last Fall, following your Idiot Proof Idiot Proof Program Program and then seeding one more time this Fall. I moved into my house last...

Brian B – Testimonial

"Good Morning! Thank you so much for all of your help! Here are some recent lawn pictures, take on 5/16/15 attached. Hoping for a shot at the HOF again this year! Aerated and overseeded with...

Charlie D – Testimonial

"We have been using Macho Mix for a number of years, it works great! We'd love for you to add our picture to your collection, and thanks for giving us such a great formula for our lawn!" -Charlie,...

Chris F – Testimonial

"I live in Liberty, MO. It took 2yrs of hard work and patience. Anyone can do it with your grass seed and idiot proof program. Thanks Grass Pad!" -Chris F., Shawnee KS 

Patk S – Testimonial

"I just wanted to drop you a line, we attended the seminar you had about the Idiot Proof Program and bought the treatments. We couldn't be happier about the results so far. It's a 200% difference...

Paul J – Testimonial

"Hello, After a late summer pool install we faced the possibility of a mud pile for a backyard during the winter. I told my wife I would not be using the big chain store products as they didn't...

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