Blue Wave™ Bluegrass

Blue Wave is a blend of the best elite Kentucky bluegrass available for the Midwest transition zone. Top rated Kentucky bluegrass blended for the most desirable lawn with the least effort of any turf grass. 

Heat Tolerance

This blend is specially chosen for exceptional heat tolerance, dark green color, and disease resistance.

Rated: Excellent


Best drought tolerant bluegrass varieties. Varied genetic types blended for optimum performance.

Rated: Good


Vigorous growing varieties perform best in full sun. Ideal for fairways, home turf and sod farms.

Rated: Excellent


Kentucky bluegrass is more wear tolerant than fescue type grass making it perfect for fields and lawns. 

Rated: Excellent

Blue Wave™ Features

Blue Wave™, elite bluegrass blend, will create the prettiest lawn. Varieties selected for Blue Wave™ have deep blue-green color, and fine texture, which make it very desirable for those seeking a distinctively luxurious lawn. Do not dismiss bluegrass as being too “delicate” in the heat of summer. Decades of plant breeding and selection have created varieties that are more vigorous, heat and drought tolerant, disease-resistant, and visually appealing.

Seeding Rate, Germination Time, Mowing Height

Seeding Instructions for Blue Wave™

Seeding recommendations for Blue Wave will vary by season and objective. 

Rob G. – Testimonial

May 13, 2021 “I killed off all my lawn 3 years ago and went all in with bluegrass. I can’t be happier with the results. Perfect barefoot lawn carpet like thickness.” April 30, 2020 “2 years ago I did my own irrigation install and killed off my lawn. Thanks to the seed...

Lee W. – Testimonial

“Staying out with the blue wave! Thanks for the help.” -Lee W. -Kansas City MO

Tavares A. – Testimonial

“My lawn has been a work in progress, I went with Bluewave because of the deep blue and soft turf I couldn’t be happier with my local lees summit grass pad for all the tips!” -Tavares A. -Blue Springs MO

Jay B. – Testimonial

"For me, lawn care started as a responsibility, but now it is by far my favorite hobby! With the help of the folks from Loveland Grass Pad I am able to keep my Kentucky bluegrass turf thriving all the way through our brutal summers, dominating the neighborhood lawn...


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