Blue Wave® Bluegrass

Blue Wave is a blend of the best elite Kentucky bluegrass available for the Midwest transition zone. Top rated Kentucky bluegrass blended for the most desirable lawn with the least effort of any turf grass. 

Heat Tolerance

This blend is specially chosen for exceptional heat tolerance, dark green color, and disease resistance.

Rated: Excellent


Best drought tolerant bluegrass varieties. Varied genetic types blended for optimum performance.

Rated: Good


Vigorous growing varieties perform best in full sun. Ideal for fairways, home turf and sod farms.

Rated: Excellent


Kentucky bluegrass is more wear tolerant than fescue type grass making it perfect for fields and lawns. 

Rated: Excellent

Blue Wave® Features

Blue Wave bluegrass will make the most desirable lawn with the least effort of any turfgrass species. Blended using improved varieties of Kentucky bluegrass produce the darkest green color available for lawn grasses. Blue Wave bluegrass has runners that allow it to spread, fill in bare spots, and repair itself from damage. Do not dismiss bluegrass as being too “delicate” in the heat of summer. Decades of plant breeding and selection have created varieties that are more vigorous, heat and drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and visually appealing. This turf quality makes it more wear tolerant than fescues or buffalograsses and is ideal for safe playing surfaces on sports fields or front lawns. Characteristics of dark color, disease resistance, heat tolerance, and wearability make it an excellent choice for midwest lawns.

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Seeding Rate, Germination Time, Mowing Height

Seeding Instructions for Blue Wave®

Seeding recommendations for Blue Wave will vary by season and objective. 

Greg W. – Testimonial

“I inherited a lawn that had every type of grass that you could think of. I finally found BlueWave bluegrass and I have had great success after two autumn overseeding applications.” -Greg W. -Shawnee, KS

Debi L. – Testimonial

“Amazing transformation, just started with a 7 year old lawn full of weeds. Just followed the grass pad program starting in fall of 2022, used Blue Grass and the results have been incredible." -Debi L. -Blue Springs, MO

Brian K. – Testimonial

“Multi-year idiot-proof program user, 3rd year of Bluewave fall renovations.” -Brian K. -Overland Park, KS 4x Lawn Hall of Fame Member

Marcus M. – Testimonial

I’ve been staying on the idiot proof program with a few extras this spring. After losing large patches last year from lack of watering and drought, it’s back strong! Hard work and the right program can really make a lawn look amazing. -Marcus M. -Lee’s Summit, MO 5x...


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