Grass Pad Nursery

Grass Pad nurseries sell everything from bedding plants to trees to perennials to anything you need to make your garden look great. Listed in these pages is a brief overview of perennials, shrubs, and trees that our customers have proven to have had the most success growing.

Full Nursey at the Stilwell Kansas Grass Pad

Spencer W. – Testimonial

Grass Pad is my go to place for seed, fertilizer, sod to keep my yard looking great. Excited for 2024’s lawn applications and projects. -Spencer W. -Lee’s Summit, MO

Jerry F. – Testimonial

“I started using Grass Pads products about 6 years ago by enrolling in “Uncles Idiot Proof” program and my results have been outstanding. I have won our subdivision’s yard if the month 2 years straight.” -Jerry F. -Lee’s Summit MO

Bobby G. – Testimonial

“We moved into this house with a yard that was not maintained. This fall, we heard about Grass Pad from a friend and decided to give it a try. This is just a month’s difference! Thank you Grass Pad!” -Bobby G. -Kansas City, MO

Tim McC – Testimonial

“I use both macho mix and heatwave for about 9 years and it worked great just got me an irrigation system in October 29 (20)23 and loving it! and hope my yard gets better next year” -Tim McC -Overland Park, KS

Chris S. – Testimonial

“We purchased the area behind our home earlier this year. The ground was in poor shape.I cleared it of some trees and bushes, then around the beginning of September, harrowed it, applied C20 from the grass pad and watered it for a week. Then, I spread Macho Mix and...

Joseph K. – Testimonial

"Macho Mix to the rescue. -Joseph K. -Lee's Summit, MO

Josh L. – Testimonial

“Bought the house Aug 28th of this year and got right to work with your team's help. Still have a ways to go but not bad progress for just under two months time. Thank you!” -Josh L. -Oak Grove, MO

Mel S. – Testimonial

“I follow Grass Pad’s suggestions on lawn care.This lawn was put on April 4, 2023. (Sod)” -Mel S. -Olathe, KS

Keta H. – Testimonial

“I fired my lawn guy. My yard had more weeds when I was paying someone to treat it. I took over in the spring of 2022. I started using GrassPads steps and my grass looks 100% better. I am a single woman. I work out in the gym so that I can lift those heavy bags. I am...

Bruce K. – Testimonial

“We’ve used Estate Mix for years as our preferred choice for fall over seeding. After attending this year’s fall lawn care seminar, we used verti-cutting instead of aerating and are very happy with the results!” -Bruce K. -Papillion, NE


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