Heat Wave™ Plus

Improved Turf Type Tall Fescue plus Elite Kentucky Bluegrass. This grass seed is the perfect combination of fescue and the healing characteristics of bluegrass. 

Heat Tolerance

Strong nutrient reserves allow for quick recovery after excessive summer heat.

Rated: Excellent


Deep penetrating roots systems at maturity, facilitate access to additional water.

Rated: Excellent


Heat Wave Plus will performs best in full sun and has shown very good shade tolerance.

Rated: Excellent


Genetic diversity in Heat Wave Plus builds superior disease resistance to brown patch.

Rated: Excellent

Heat Wave™ Plus Features

Heatwave™ Plus grass seed is a combination of elite turf-type tall fescues and Kentucky bluegrass. This seed contains the latest advances in turf type tall fescue genetics mixed with heat tolerant elite Kentucky bluegrass. This combination provides turf with all the benefits of Heat Wave fescue plus the healing and thickening characteristics of bluegrass.

Seeding Rate, Germination Time, Mowing Height

Seeding Instructions for Heat Wave™ Plus

Seeding recommendations for Heat Wave Plus will vary by season and objective. 

Thomas A – Testimonial

“Another successful season with the Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program. Not only is it easy to do, but the results are consistent year to year. This is year 7 of the plan and our results have always been great." "I attached a few pictures of the lawn for this year. A big...

Lee H – Testimonial

Became a lawn care nut last summer. Finished last year over seeding with GP Heatwave +, renovator, and snowman. This spring my grass is thick and dark green. Can’t wait for the full first year on the idiot proof program.“ -Lee H. -Platte City, MO

Tony S. – Testimonial

"Previously we had lots of weeds and patchy areas with bare spots from previous owner. After hours of research and talking to various people we came up with a plan. We overseeded last fall using Heatwave Plus, Golf Course Starter and Milorganite. Due to heavy clay we...

Brian B – Testimonial

"Good Morning! Thank you so much for all of your help! Here are some recent lawn pictures, take on 5/16/15 attached. Hoping for a shot at the HOF again this year! Aerated and overseeded with Heat WavePlus in September 2014, followed up with Golf Course Starter (two...


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