Saving Your Outdoor Event

Save the backyard party! Rain can sometimes spoil that backyard event you had been planning for a month. When the rain finely stops, the muddy ground can put a damper on your big day. If your backyard becomes a soggy mess, PrimeraOne Field Conditioner can save your special event from getting rained out. To get rid of water puddles and firm up muddy walking paths, spread the PrimeraOne FC over soggy ground and puddles. It will quickly absorb, hold, and slowly release moisture. Soaking up standing water puddles will give guests a clean firm footing to walk on. When the party is over, sweep it into the lawn with a leaf rake, and you are done. It is a benefit to the grass, soil, and any garden plant.

Save the Game! On sports fields, the secret weapon in the battle against mud and rain outs is Primera field conditioner. The fine porous chips of PrimeraOne Field Conditioner are used by professional baseball teams for infields and are tilled into the soil of grassed areas as well. Sports fields prepared with these porous ceramics will absorb moisture and be ready to play when other fields are closed for days. On football and soccer fields, wet bare spots develop at midfield and around the goal lines. In such wear areas these field conditioners will reduce soil compaction, promote drainage and encourage root development. Parents and coaches trying to upgrade a tired public field or save a rain threatened game schedule can use the same versatile products.

Stop the Dog from Tracking Mud

Save the Carpet! Use PrimeraOne Field Conditioner over high traffic play areas around the dog run, yard, or patio. It provides a clean, firm footing and will reduce muddy foot prints onto the indoor carpet. On public lawns and muddy courtyards, it reduces lawn wear and tracking onto polished indoor surfaces. Moms and janitors come to love this stuff, rain or no rain.

How to Fix a Soggy Yard

Lawn repair! Lawns turned to brown mush by dogs and kids running on waterlogged back yard soils can get a little first aid using PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner. Apply sports field conditioner to help stabilize the muddy areas. Seed with a fast starting field mix like Stadium Special or Estate Mix. Then apply Golf Course Starter (small lawns) or Renovator (large lawns) at planting and again in four weeks. Heavy traffic grass areas, whether backyards or football fields, need to grow vigorously to stand up to wear and tear.

Fix Low Spots in Gardens and Improve Drainage

Save the Garden! Healthy roots for flowers and plants need a balance of air and water. In wet compacted soils plant roots drowned and rot from too much moisture. Water logged planting beds, large containers and low spots in the garden will all benefit from these same athletic field products. Porous well drained soil is the name of the game, whether at Kauffman Stadium or your own back yard.

PrimeraOne Infield Conditioner Can Be Used in Every Season

Save the Seed! When used over new grass seed, PrimeraOne Field Conditioner will hold and slowly release moisture to the seed. Keeping the seed consistently moist assisting in quicker seed germination. Unlike garden topsoil, the ceramic medium is weed free and will not contaminate new seed with soil born weeds.

Use PrimeraOne Field Conditioner for Winter Traction

Winter traction! PrimeraOne Field Conditioner performs very well as traction on icy sidewalks, driveways, and porches. A natural calcined clay chip will not make a mess and is safe for pets and concrete, and beneficial to the soil. Primera field conditioner can be mixed with ice melter in the spreader and broadcast over icy areas.

Caution: Many ice melters can be harmful to concrete, always read the label.

PrimeraFC provides immediate traction on icy surfaces. Stay safe on slippery surfaces with a product that’s 100% natural and nontoxic for pets, people, and your property. Use PrimeraFC on sidewalks, steps, wherever instant traction is needed.

Benefits of PrimeraFC for Winter Traction

  • Won’t Harm Plants
  • Non-Corrosive
  • 100% Pet Safe
  • Natural Product
  • Instant Traction
  • Works in all Temperatures

The course texture of each calcine clay granule works to grip and lock into the ice creating a stable non-skid surface to walk or drive over. PrimeraFC works better than sand for traction on icy sidewalks and driveways.

PrimeraFC does not melt ice or snow from surfaces. Unlike ice-melting agents, PrimeraFC is non-corrosive and not affected by sub-zero temperatures. PrimeraFC works as a non-slipping agent to prevent falls on icy surfaces. PrimeraFC will not melt away and provides traction on wet surfaces. As warm weather melts away the ice, PrimeraFC will absorb moisture like a sponge to dry out surface water. To dispose of, sweep PrimeraFC into the lawn or garden.


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