Primaerify:   | prīm | aer-ə-fī |  Transitive Verb 

Definition: Using Primera Field Conditioner in conjunction with an aeration for compaction problem in heavy traffic areas and under large trees. Primera Field Conditioner, a porous calcined clay chip, will keep the soil loose, increase the soil’s water-holding capacity, and improve drainage while transferring beneficial oxygen and gasses to and from the grass roots. Primera Field Conditioner works great for the creation of beds by tilling the soil. 

Soil compaction, it’s the same problem for golf courses, soccer fields or your backyard. Compacted soil is literally too hard for grass roots to become established and flourish. Relieving soil compaction will grow healthier roots. 

No magic potions for golf courses and sports fields. Grounds crews improve drainage and relieve compaction with aeration and calcined clay chips, a.k.a “field conditioner”. Primera Field Conditioner added to your soil annually, will gradually improve soil texture and improve drainage in the heaviest clay.

Deep penetrating grass roots find more water during extended drought than shallow roots in compacted soils.  Build a better growing environment for grass roots. When added after core aeration, Primera Field Conditioner works like tiny sponges to soak up and release moisture providing a pathway for oxygen and fertilizer to grass roots. With routine core aeration and an annual application your lawn will develop maximum grass root growth. 

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