Primaerify:   | prīm | aer-ə-fī |  Transitive Verb 

Definition: Using Primera Field Conditioner in conjunction with an aeration for compaction problem in heavy traffic areas and under large trees.

What is PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner?

PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner, a porous calcined clay chip, will keep the soil loose, increase the soil’s water-holding capacity, and improve drainage while transferring beneficial oxygen and gasses to and from the grass roots. PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner works great for lawns, gardens and flower beds by tilling it into the soil.

Will PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner improve soil compaction?

Soil compaction, it’s the same problem for golf courses, soccer fields, or your backyard. Compacted soil is too dense for grass roots to become established and flourish. Relieving soil compaction will grow healthier roots. Professional grounds crews use PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner to improve drainage and reduce compaction with longer-lasting results. Utilizing aeration to incorporate PrimeraOne Field Conditioner into compacted the soil, will build a better growing environment for grass roots. Adding sports field conditioner to your clay soil annually, will gradually improve soil texture and improve drainage.

How does PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner work?

Deep penetrating grass roots find more water during extended drought than shallow roots in compacted soils.  When added after core aeration, Primera Field Conditioner works like tiny sponges to soak up and release moisture providing a pathway for oxygen and fertilizer to grass roots. With routine core aeration and an annual application your lawn will develop maximum grass root growth. 

PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner for leveling your lawn.

Tiny calcined clay particles of sports field conditioner are an ideal leveling agent or top dressing for lawns. Used to level low spots in the lawn these porous chips drain much faster than sand. Calcine clay chips also have much more volume than sand particles of equal weight. Comparing these two as leveling agents, you will need one half as much PrimeraOne Sports Field Conditioner to provide the same amount of fill space. Calcine clay chips absorb water into microscopic pores much like a sponge and slowly release moisture to the root zone, while sand has no absorption ability. Unlike organic leveling materials, such as top soil or compost, calcine clay is 100% weed-free. These calcine clay particles will stay in place and add stability to the soil. Also, it will not breakdown, studies have shown calcine clay deteriorates only 3% over 20 years.


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