Uncle's Grow Points

What Are Grow Points?

Grow Points is Uncle’s Idiot Proof rewards program – Uncle’s way of giving back to our most loyal customers. Sign up for Uncle’s Grow Points and receive exclusive offers, promotions and discount coupons. Save your Grow Points and redeem them for credits towards future purchases. Grow Points program is contactless, so no cards to carry.

Grow Your Points

Earn Grass Pad Grow Points with purchases. Receive one Grow Point for each dollar spent on qualifying purchases. The more you buy, the more your points will grow. Watch for exclusive offers for Grow Point members.

Idiot Proof Sign Up

Membership is free no purchase is required. Sign up at any Grass Pad location or use the online submission form below. Sign up in the store and start growing your reward points the same day. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for online account activation.

Earn Points

Receive Grow Points for qualifying purchases at all Grass Pad locations. Contactless, no cards to carry.

Grow Dollars

Each 200 Grow Points converts into $5 to spend at any location. 

Tree Top Level

Tree Top members earn double Grow Points after exceeding 600 Grow Points in a 12 month period. 

Special Promotions

Get exclusive offers and promotions straight to your email for Grow Points members only.

Purchase History

Forgot what kind of grass seed you bought last year? We can find your purchase at any Grass Pad. 

Grass Roots Level

Heat Wave Seed Label

Uncle’s Grass Roots is the entry level for Grow Points members. At Grass Roots level receive one Grow Point for each qualifying dollar spent. Take advantage of special offers to accelerate your Grow Points to reach Tree Top level quickly.

Tree Top Level

Reach Uncle’s Tree Top level when your total Grow Points soar above 600 within a 12 month period. Tree Top level members receive two time Grow Points on each qualifying purchase after climbing to Tree Top level.

Earn 200 Grow Points Get $5 in Uncle’s Grow Dollars!

Grow Points FAQs and Support

How do I sign up?
You can sign up at any Grass Pad location and immediately begin to grow your points the same day. You can also sign up online using the form below. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for account activation using the online form.

How do I earn Grow Points?

New members enter at the Grass Roots level, earning one (1) Grow Point for each qualifying dollar spent at any Grass Pad. Those members that grow to Tree Top level will earn two (2) Grow Points for each qualifying dollar spent. 

Uncle’s Tip: Accelerate your Grow Points to Tree Top level by taking advantage of exclusive Grow Points member promotions earning accelerated points values.

How do I reach Tree Top Level?

Members that earn 600 or more Grow Points in the first 12 months from account activation will automatically be promoted to Tree Top Level and begin earning two (2) Grow Points for each dollar spent. 

How do I make sure my purchases count towards my points?
You will need to tell the cashier your phone number before submitting payment at the point of sale.

When do I receive my Grow Points?
After each purchase, Grow Points will be applied to your account as our system updates overnight. Grow Dollars, if earned, would be available to use the next day.

How do Grow Points convert to Grow Dollars?
When your Grow Points account has reached 200 points, those points will be automatically converted into $5 in Grow Dollars. For every 200 Grow Points accumulated you will receive $5 in Grow Dollars to be redeemed towards future purchases.

How to spend my Grow Dollars once I’ve earned them?
Grow Dollars are applied as a credit towards purchases at any Grass Pad location. When Grow Dollars are earned, our cashier will give you the option to spend your available Grow Dollars, or you may choose to let them grow. Grow Dollars expire after 2 years. 

Have questions about your Grow Points account?

Please call us 1-800-922-4100 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm CST and we would be happy to answer your questions or concerns. You can also fill out this online form.

Conditions & Terms


  • Member’s phone number or Uncle’s Grow Points ID number must be presented to the cashier during checkout at the purchase time to earn points for purchases.
  • Grow Points never expire.
  • Grow Points will convert to Grow Dollars in increments of 200. Once 200 points are earned, your Grow Points will be converted into $5 in Grow Dollars. Grow Dollars may be used during any purchase at the Grass Pad. 
  • Grow Dollars function as a credit towards purchases and can be earned and spent at any Grass Pad location.
  • Grow Dollars have no cash value and can not be redeemed for cash.
  • Grow Points, Grow Dollars, and tier status are updated to member accounts overnight.
  • Grow Dollars, when earned, will be available for use the next business day.
  • Grow Points are not earned for the purchase of gift cards, delivery fees, or sales tax.
  • Grow Points are awarded pre-tax and after any discounts have been applied. Grow Points are earned for regular priced items and sale items or items purchased with a coupon.


Uncle’s Grow Points is a rewards program offered by Grass Pad Inc. to its customers and can only be used with in-store purchases. By participating in Grow Points, you agree to the terms and conditions. Grass Pad Inc. reserves the right to change the terms or conditions of Uncle’s Grow points or terminate Grow Points or your membership at any time for any reason without prior written notice. Uncle’s Grow Points are open to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Uncle’s Grow Points program is the property of Grass Pad Incorporated. Membership is only available to individuals. Membership to Grow Points is free, and no initial purchase is required—membership is required at purchase to receive Grow Points promotional pricing and discounts. Uncle’s Grow Points membership is not available to corporations, businesses, enterprises, or any other entity unless written approval is obtained in advance from Grass Pad Inc., at its sole discretion. Members are responsible and liable for any tax consequences resulting from Member’s participation in the program.

Privacy Statement

By participating in the Grow Points Program, Member agrees to allow Grass Pad Inc. to communicate via mail, email, phone, external websites, and other channels. Grass Pad Inc. may use these channels to communicate Member account status, notify Member when they are eligible for a reward, communicate program changes, offer special Member promotions, coupons, information, and offerings that we believe may be of interest to you. Member information is considered confidential and will not be shared, sold, or rented to anyone by Grass Pad Inc. Using this program, you acknowledge having read these terms and conditions and agree to use this program following them. Your account is the property of Grass Pad and can be modified or discontinued at any time.

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