Grass Pad Nursery

Grass Pad nurseries sell everything from bedding plants to trees to perennials to anything you need to make your garden look great. Listed in these pages is a brief overview of perennials, shrubs, and trees that our customers have proven to have had the most success growing.

Full Nursey at the Stilwell Kansas Grass Pad

Steve H. – Testimonial

“Just a dirt patch and crab grass from last October to this September while using a lawn company. Switched to Grasspad and used the idiot proof plan and turned into a front yard I’m proud of.” -Steve H. -Omaha, NE

Andy N. – Testimonial

“Grasspad is my go to store locally for all of my immediate needs. I love that they have premium seed available when I need it along with flowers, plants, fungicide, herbicides, and various lawn supplements. I’ll be doing some overseeding in the fall and I’m sure I’ll...

Josh C. – Testimonial

"Suburban lawn dad 😎." -Josh C. -Saint Joseph, MO

Gina S. – Testimonial

“Trying to grow and maintain the grass on a wooded lot in the country was a challenge, not to mention contending with a new build. That all changed when we attended Grass Pad’s lawn seminars and began using their products, plus the “grow grass in a cave” seed. All of...

Kyle C. – Testimonial

“I have been following Uncles steps in two houses for the past 10 years! Grass Pad has never let me down and allows me to flex on my neighbors every year with thick, lush, SUPER GREEN healthy lawn year after year! Just follow the steps and trust the process!” -Kyle C....

Jesse R. – Testimonial

“Grass Pad products have done wonders for my lawn! Anytime I go in, everyone is always professional, helpful, and knowledgeable about what it takes to keep your lawn looking great!” -Jesse R. -Lenexa, KS

Michael F. – Testimonial

“Grass pad program all the way.” -Michael F. -Basehor, Ks  

Chris M. – Testimonial

“I started on this lawn when we moved in while possessing next to zero knowledge on lawn care. It was in pretty poor shape after years of neglect. After speaking with the professionals at Grass Pad, they pointed me in the right direction with the Idiot Proof program...

Brady K – Testimonial

“Grass Pad offers some of the best products available on the market and they also provide excellent service/guidance to help you get your lawn where it needs to be. I’ve been a GP customer for several years and I will continue to be for life!” -Brady K. -Olathe,...

Debi L. – Testimonial

“Amazing transformation, just started with a 7 year old lawn full of weeds. Just followed the grass pad program starting in fall of 2022, used Blue Grass and the results have been incredible." -Debi L. -Blue Springs, MO


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