Grass Pad Nursery

Grass Pad nurseries sell everything from bedding plants to trees to perennials to anything you need to make your garden look great. Listed in these pages is a brief overview of perennials, shrubs, and trees that our customers have proven to have had the most success growing.

Full Nursey at the Stilwell Kansas Grass Pad

Marcus M. – Testimonial

September 2022, “This year I’ve been feeding my lawn with the idiot-proof system, plus Milorganite and LOTS of water. This lawn is brand new and sodded in August 2021 with Bluegrass. It’s thriving this year and will be over seeded with Bluewave this year. Can’t wait...

Jordan G. – Testimonial

“Year 3 and still dominating the neighbors and neighborhood! I’m using the GrassPad Idiot Program with my own little twist and I couldn’t be more excited about the products and customer service I receive.” -Jordan G. -Lawrence, KS

Bob L. – Testimonial

“Turf program Grass Pad has is step by step program & it's excellent for the Diy home owner - myself with 20+ years in turf management, I Highly recommend it.” -Bob L. -Kansas City, MO

Weston W. – Testimonial

“We bought our house back in 2013 and the yard was patchy at best. I started that fall over seeding with Macho Mix alongside the Grass Pad Fertilizer Program and saw quick results. Within 12-18 months the yard had made a full turnaround.”  -Weston W. -Overland Park,...

Andy N. – Testimonial

"I started seriously taking care of my lawn around 3 years ago. I started with just the idiot proof program and some overseeding in the fall. I have since expanded to several more products including bug control, fungus control, and various other soil amendments. This...

Mark H. – Testimonial

“Often my neighbors will walk by our house, compliment the nice lawn and ask how I get it so thick. I tell them I buy quality seed at The Grasspad in Omaha along with their excellent weed control and fertilizer products.” -Mark H. -Lincoln, NE

John S. – Testimonial

It all started just over 2 years ago when we purchased this property...and began with a yard that consisted mostly of dirt and straw, challenge accepted. I tried a season with one of the 'professional' yard services, minimal improvement. I began to hear some talk of...

Jason H. – Testimonial

“The Grass Pad is literally the best! Ask Uncle gives great advice, always knows just what my problems are, and their solutions always work. Fungus, dry spots, tired grass, mushrooms, bugs…they’ve tackled it all. One time I even got to meet the man, the myth, the...

Shelly W. – Testimonial

“I have been using Grass Pad products on my immediate front and rear lawn for a few yrs and this yr started using Grass Pad product on the larger area beside my drive. It is getting so thick and my lines are looking good. Can’t say enough about how great these...

Mike H. – Testimonial

“I have used heat wave grass seed and the idiot proof lawn program for about 5 years it tells me what to put down and when to put it down enjoy mowing a nice yard thanks Grass Pad.” -Mike H. -Topeka, KS


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