Grass Pad Nursery

Grass Pad nurseries sell everything from bedding plants to trees to perennials to anything you need to make your garden look great. Listed in these pages is a brief overview of perennials, shrubs, and trees that our customers have proven to have had the most success growing.

Full Nursey at the Stilwell Kansas Grass Pad

Mark S. – Testimonial

“I want to let you know I really like the 5 step idiot proof yard products I’ve been using them for 5 years now and also got my family and neighbors to use them My yard looks great I get so many compliments from my neighbors. Thanks again”  Mark S. Omaha, NE

Ryan K. – Testimonial

“Bought this house 4 years ago with little to no grass and only weeds. Here it is now!” -Ryan K. -Weatherby Lake, MO

Brian T. – Testimonial

“We bought the house fall of 2020, and the backyard was mainly Wild Violet.We nuked everything with Eraser in August 2021, installed a DIY sprinkler kit, leveled about 4 yards of topsoil, seeded with Grass Pad’s Heat Wave Plus, applied the Golf Course starter, watered twice per day, then hit it...

Garrett W. – Testimonial

“Been a long-time user of Grass Pad’s products and seed. Completed a full reno after moving into our new home last fall. So happy with the results!” -Garrett W. -Lee’s Summit, MO

Rick W. – Testimonial

“Grass Pad and the Idiot Proof program definitely has my lawn looking the best in the neighborhood. Thank you Uncle for people knocking on my door asking what I do to my lawn. I send them right on over to Grass Pad to get high on grass.” -Rick W. -Olathe, KS


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