Total Lawn Restoration

Is your lawn so full of weeds that you need to start over? Do you have the wrong type of grass in your lawn and want something new? Uncle’s Total Lawn Restoration is what you need! Check out these easy steps to take back control of your lawn. 

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Damon K. – Testimonial

“My front yard needed some work. I over seeded it with your macho mix and recommended fertilizer. When the new grass finally started to come in it looked better but was not green. I then spread heavy layer of Milorganite fertilizer all over but only helped certain parts of my yard. I waited few...

James M. – Testimonial

“I was raised to take pride in the outside appearance of your home. A good lawn takes time, patience and a lot of sweat equity. Little by little, you begin to see improvement and before long your entire property looks better!”  -James M. -Parkville, MO

Scott S. – Testimonial

“Grass pad nailed it! I live on two acres and your products do exactly as advertised. Thanks for all the help from the Bonner Springs store!” -Scott S. -De Soto, KS

Bill S. – Testimonial

“It has been a long road getting here since building our home in August 2013. With guidance from The Grass Pad team we now get many many compliments about having the best lawn in the subdivision.” -Bill S. -Lee’s Summit

Benjamin T. – Testimonial

“I love working on my lawn. The idiot proof program helps me have the look I want for my grass. Thanks Grasspad!” -Benjamin T. -Kansas City, KS

Shawn G. – Testimonial

“The Grass Pad is my "go to" place for everything lawn and garden. Their products are superior and well priced. The grass seed they carry is specific to the area and germinates sooner and more fully than anything I've used before. The fertilizers and soil conditioners are effective well suited to...

Robert H. – Testimonial

“I changed this over to bluegrass using the Blue Wave seed. It's been a chore to get bluegrass established, but it's looking nice now. The kids like to mow it with the old fashioned reel mower, but in this picture we did some stripes with the Honda and a stripe kit.” -Robert H. -Lenexa, KS

Ben H. – Testimonial

“We moved into this house 2 years ago. The yard appeared it had been regularly irrigated and mowed, but had lots of areas where it wasn't thick, where broadleaf weeds were taking root. In two short years, using the idiot proof program it is now thick like a carpet. Still a few small patches of...

Tom K. – Testimonial

“Finally got grass to grow under the gum all tree thanks to some Macho Mix!  When we bought this house 4 years ago there was no grass under the gum ball tree and had to dig a drainage trench. We’ve overseeded with Macho Mix and fertilized each fall to get a nice thick lawn that eatery neighbor...

Ryan E. – Testimonial

“Beyond happy I got on this program! Everyone at Grass Pad is so nice and knowledgeable. It’s a thing of beauty.”  “Been following the Idiot Proof Lawn Care guide for 3 years now and immediately saw the results! Incredible program!”  -Ryan E. -Overland Park, KS

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