Grass Pad Nursery

Grass Pad nurseries sell everything from bedding plants to trees to perennials to anything you need to make your garden look great. Listed in these pages is a brief overview of perennials, shrubs, and trees that our customers have proven to have had the most success growing.

Stilwell Kansas Grass Pad

Jordan G. – Testimonial

“September 1, 2020 I did a complete renovation and took my yard back to practically bare ground and seeded with Heat Wave+. After following the Grass Pad Idiot Proof Program and some other products recommended by the Staff, I am dominating the block. I couldn't be more proud and very excited with...

Joe B. – Testimonial

“We bought a new construction home in July of 2019. With that purchase came builder grade sod, full of weeds and poor grass quality. After aerating and overseeing with Heatwave Plus and following Uncles Idiot Proof Program our yard ha transformed into THE best on the block!!” -Joe B. -Kansas City...

Mark R. – Testimonial

“I took my yard down to bare dirt in Sept 2019, and this is where I'm at as of today, April 29, 2021. Thanks for the consideration and for the products and wealth of knowledge I've gained from the Grass Pad.” -Mark R. -Shawnee KS

Phil G. – Testimonial

4-30-2021 “Second year of the grass pad program has my yard looking the best it's ever been! The heatwave plus seed is the best seed I have ever used!” 3-30-2020 Getting an early start and early green up thanks to products from the Grass pad! Had many neighbors stop by this spring and ask what I...

Dave S. – Testimonial

"I've been using the Grass Pad program for a few years. Add a good irrigation system and a little effort and voila!” -Dave S. -Kansas City MO


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