Best Grass Seed in Kansas City and Omaha

Grass Pad is proud to sell only the highest quality grass seed and lawn fertilizer products. We are lawn care nuts and THE experts in growing grass seed and turf sod. Whether you’re planting grass seed or installing sod for the first time, we can help the DIY and lawn professionals. Our experienced turf specialists will guide you to make your lawn and garden look its absolute best. Come on down to Grass Pad and let us help you make your yard lush, green, and weed-free!

Fall Lawn Renovation

Fall overseeding is an essential part of maintaining healthy turf. Overseeding helps eliminate bare spots and thickens the existing lawn. Grass seed sown in the fall can grow and mature without competition from aggressive summer weeds.

Total Lawn Renovation

Where to Buy Sod

Blue Wave bluegrass and Heat Wave fescue sod are available throughout most of the year at all Grass Pad locations, although sod harvesting and availability are influenced by weather conditions.

Uncle’s Idiot Proof Lawn Fertilizer Program

How did Uncle keep his sod farm so lush and green? Uncle had the program to grow beautiful grass. Imitate Mother Nature and plant the best grass seed, feed it, prevent crabgrass and weeds. Uncle’s lawn program is so simple it’s Idiot Proof. The best fertilizer and weed control program to make your yard look great. 

Uncle's Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program
Grass Pad Big Red Barn

Skinny Trees for Skinny Spaces

Houses are being built closer and closer together, and we often don’t have room for big, spreading trees. Planting any tree is going to be a challenge in new suburban home landscapes, but nature has the answer. Small outdoor areas, like tiny backyards, or small planting islands, like those found between a sidewalk and a street, call for skinny trees.

Seasonal Lawn and Garden Tips

Looking for more information about lawn care? Search Uncle’s words of advice for seasonal do it yourself lawn care and gardening tips.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Search articles on what to do in your lawn and garden in spring.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Search articles on what to do in your lawn and garden in summer.

Fall Lawn Care and Seeding Tips

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Search articles on what to do in your lawn and garden in fall.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Search articles on what to do in your lawn and garden in winter.

Grass Pad Locations in Kansas City and Omaha

Store Locations and Hours

Six Grass Pad locations in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska supplying homeowners and landscape contractors with grass seed, sod, fertilizer, trees and nursery stock.

Grass Pad Nurseries in Kansas City and Omaha

Grass Pad Nurseries

Grass Pad is the leading distributor of flowers, trees, perennials and nursery stock in the Midwest. Find the newest and most innovative plants from local growers.

Grass Pad Lawns Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Lawns

You can be our newest member! Be the envy of your neighbors and relatives. Send us photos of your hard work using Uncle’s Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program to be featured in the Hall of Fame.

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