Prevent is the best pre-emergent for crabgrass.

The Prevent formula contains slow release  fertilizer to strengthen spring lawns to keep turf grass more competitive against weed pressure.  Keep crabgrass out of your lawn all season long with a second application, a booster shot, of Prevent applied late May to early June.

Why two applications of Prevent? 

Uncle’s Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program recommends two applications of Prevent.  When applied as directed,  two sequential applications, eight to ten weeks apart will provide consistent  and effective control against annual summer weeds throughout the growing season.  A single application herbicide, for pre-emergence control of crabgrass, will slowly be broken down by soil microbial activity over the course of a summer, leading to crabgrass breakthrough by fall.  Two applications of Prevent crabgrass control will provide a longer period of control for annual weeds that germinate later in the year than crabgrass and foxtail. 

  • Grass Pad’s two application formula of Prevent is more forgiving if slightly over applied from inaccurate measurements, improperly calibrated fertilizer spreaders or operator error.
  • Formulated for the mid-west. The amount of pre-emergent required to kill crabgrass in the mid-west is not the same for crabgrass in Newark NJ. Nationally sold crabgrass killers sold in most chain and box stores use the same crabgrass pre-emergent formula for all home lawns from Newark to San Diego.
  • Larger pellets have better particle distribution. Bigger particles hold more herbicide and that means more herbicide covering the lawn. National name brands want smaller and lighter bags, so they can ship more bags on a pallet.
  • Promoting rapid growth of dense turf significantly reduces the amount of crabgrass in the lawn. Grass Pad’s fertilizer formula makes grass grow, leaving little room in the soil for crabgrass to grow.

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