Where to Buy Grass Sod in Kansas City and Omaha?

Sod shipments are continually arriving at Grass Pad locations in order to rotate and keep the sod fresh. However, we can sell out of sod temporarily between shipments. We encourage you to call before you drive to the store and check the current availability. If we are temporarily out of stock, we can tell you when the next shipment will be arriving. You can also give us your contact information and we will call you when the sod delivery arrives at our location. Sod delivery is available, please contact your nearest location to learn more on curbside delivery policies.

Grass sod is available for purchase at any Grass Pad location. The three types of grass sod available at the Grass Pad are Blue Wave bluegrassHeat Wave fescue, and zoysia. Blue Wave and Heat Wave grass sod are available throughout most of the year, although sod harvesting and availability are influenced by weather conditions. When sod fields are too wet or frozen, sod cutters and equipment cannot get into the sod fields for harvesting.  Zoysia sod will only be cut during the warm summer months.

Reserving Sod – Sod is a very perishable item.  Sod is available on a first come first served basis. Grass Pad will not hold or reserve sod for individuals or companies with the exception of sod awaiting delivery.

How Many Fescue Sod or Bluegrass Sod Rolls Do I Need? 

Sod roll  dimensions will depend on the harvesting machine used to cut the sod. However, while the dimensions vary, all fescue and bluegrass sod will be sold in rolls that cover 9 square feet. An easy way to determine how much sod you need is to take the square footage of the area to be sodded (length X width) and divide that number by nine.

Uncle’s tip: Use this Sod Calculator to determine how many rolls you would need. Always round up and add one extra roll to make up for any odd shapes. It will save you from making a return trip.

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Sod Calculator

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How Do I Buy Grass Sod? 

Sod is shipped in on pallets and is available for sale by the individual roll or by the pallet. We can machine load your trucks and trailers or hand load into your vehicle. Sod is stacked 50 to 54 rolls per pallet, depending on the type of harvesting machine we use to cut the sod. The average weight for one pallet of sod is 1,000 to 1,200 pounds. An average sod roll weighs about 20 to 25 pounds and the average car trunk will fit about 10 to 15 rolls.  Grass Pad will always load your vehicle for you. Uncle’s Tip – Make clean up easy by bringing a tarp to line your trunk.

Buying Zoysia Sod

Zoysia is a warm season grass and will only be harvested while actively growing in season. Availability for zoysia is a much shorter season as we have fewer warm months in our climate. Typically zoysia sod is available late May through mid-September. Zoysia Sod is sold by the pallet or pad, and each pad is generally 1.5′ X 2′, or three square feet of coverage.  Please call for availability.


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