Estate Mix

Elite Kentucky bluegrass blend plus sports turf quality perennial ryegrassImproved bluegrass varieties contained in Estate Mix will aggressively fill in routine damage while perennial ryegrass adds quick start and durability.

Grass Pad Estate Mix

Heat Tolerance

Top rated bluegrass varieties developed for superior drought tolerance and performance.



Top rated bluegrass varieties are chosen for drought tolerance and summer performance.



This seed mix will perform well in heavily exposed areas of sunlight and in shade. 



Genetic diversity creates a high performing grass seed mix with improved disease resistance.



The narrow blades of bluegrass combined with perennial ryegrass create a soft cushion for bare feet and provide wear tolerance for play areas. Give your lawn that well manicured look of a golf course fairway with Estate Mix. Dark green color of bluegrass with and drought tolerance, shade tolerance, and quick germination make this grass seed mix an excellent choice for spring and fall overseeding. 

  • Recommended over seeding rate: 4-6 lbs. per 1,000 sq . ft. 
  • Recommended bare ground rate: 8-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq . ft. 
  • Germination: 5-7 days in ideal conditions 
  • Mowing Height: |Spring 2-3 inches| Summer 3-4 inches|
Seeding Instructions

Seeding recommendations for Estate Mix will vary by season and objective. 

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