Tips for Fall Overseeding and Lawn Renovation

  • Mow the lawn 1 or 2 notches lower being careful now to scalp the lawn. (Bagging your grass clippings will help to remove debris.)
  • Rake the lawn to remove heavy clippings or other debris. Roughing the surface of the soil giving special attention to bare spots. (For large areas, verticutting will greatly improve your seed to soil contact, but not required for good fall seed germination. Soil should be moist, not wet, when verticutting.)
  • Apply LoveLand Golf Course Starter at a fall rate of 6 to 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq.ft. or Renovator at a fall rate of 3 to 5 lbs. per 1,000 sq.ft. (Healthy turf needs to be fed regularly. In a low nutrition environment, weeds prosper. In high nutrition, grass will prosper. Turf grass will recover from summer stress more quickly  when using Golf Course Starter or Renovator at fall rates to encourage root regeneration, bring rapid green-up and  store energy reserves.)
  • Same day, Spread your favorite Grass Pad grass seed with rotary or hand cranked “whirlwind”type spreader. Special attention should be given to spots where the ground is bare. Extra seed should be applied by hand to these spots.
  • Cover bare spots; apply a light mulch of sphagnum peat or PrimeraFC grass seed dressing. Topsoil, black peat or straw contain weed seeds and should not be used.
  • Water the seed bed lightly so the soil surface is moist. Continue watering lightly so the soil does not become hard or baked.
  • When the grass seedlings reach a height of 3 to 4 inches, mow to a height of 3 inches with a sharp mower blade, at a time when the grass is not wet.
  • Four weeks after first application apply a second application of Golf Course Starter or Renovator at the same fall rate. (Booster shot of fertilizer for new grass plants. Vital step in recovering from summer drought, heat and disease. New and established grass plants store food reserves to help fight winter injury, disease and stimulate root growth. High nitrogen with potassium formulation in early fall to encourage root building, cold hardiness, disease resistance and wear tolerance.)
  • (Late Oct to Nov) Before the grass turns winter brown, apply Loveland Snowman to the entire lawn. Winter root builder with lower nitrogen plus elevated phosphorous and potassium formulation specifically for late fall application on lawns. (Improve winter color and boost spring green up without stimulating excessive shoot growth, allowing grass plant to maintain energy reserves. Times is important, ideal application is near Thanksgiving Day.)

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