Why Fertilize Grass in Winter?

Most people think about fertilizing their lawns in the spring and early fall. But, late fall and mid winters can be opportunities for applying much-needed nutrients to the soil. Loveland Snowman, a winter root builder, is the most essential fertilizer to use on your lawn, particularly if you’ve never applied one. The benefits of Snowman winter root builder are best for cool-season grasses such as turf-type tall fescue grasses like Heat Wave or Macho Mix and Kentucky bluegrasses like Estate Mix or Blue Wave.

Uncle’s Tip: Snowman does not need to be watered immediately after application like other higher nitrogen fertilizer formulas. Let Mother Nature do the watering for you.

Use Snowman to maximize root and plant development for early spring green-up.  The nutrients in Snowman break down slowly over the late fall, winter and spring based on soil temperature, moisture, and microbial activity. Grass roots continue to grow during the winter months when the ground is not frozen. The grass plants store the nutrients until warm weather arrives in spring.

Snowman will help combat the spring weed invasion. Stored nutrients are immediately available to the grass plant as warmer weather arrives. Your lawn greens up faster and becomes denser. A thick, dense lawn will help to fight off weed pressure from ugly spring weeds.

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When to Apply Snowman Winter Root Builder

Mid to Late Fall

Apply Snowman any time from October thru December after your last mowing when the grass plants stop producing top growth and convert the nutrients for carbohydrate production and energy storage. Since the last mowing is challenging to predict, a good rule for cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and turf-type tall fescue is to apply Snowman by Thanksgiving.

Early November, while soil temperatures remain above 45 degrees, is also an excellent time to control perennial and biennial broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover. Weeds prepare for winter, much like the grass plant pulling nutrients and starches from their leaves into their roots. By applying PBI Gordon’s SpeedZoneEW in the fall, the weed plants draw the herbicide into their root systems, effectively killing the broadleaf weed. Actively growing grass will quickly fill in the bare spots created after the weeds die.

Uncle’s tip: Wash out your spreader before putting it away for the winter. This will remove any corrosive particles that could damage any metal parts.

Early to Mid Winter

If you have missed the fall window for Snowman application, Snowman can be used over cool-season grasses during mid-winter months with excellent results. Apply on a mild winter day when the ground is not frozen.


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