Uncle's Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program

Do you ever wonder what to put on your lawn in spring, summer, or fall? Grass Pad makes lawn care idiot proof! Uncle’s lawn care program is formulated to encourage vigor in turf grass to resist weed pressure.

Step One Prevent for Crabgrass

When to Apply Step 1

Mid-March through Mid-April


Crabgrass Weed Preventer

Step 1 – Loveland Prevent, slow release fertilizer plus crabgrass preventer. A vapor barrier is created at soil level, controlling ugly summer grass weeds before they appear.

Step Two Weed and Feed

When to Apply Step 2

Apply as needed April to June


Broadleaf Herbicide

Step 2 – Loveland Weed and Feed, professional strength weed killer plus lawn fertilizer. Control broadleaf weeds like dandelions, prickly lettuce, plantain, curled dock and more.

Step Three Prevent for Crabgrass

When to Apply Step 3

Late-May through Early June


Crabgrass Preventer

Step 3 – Loveland Prevent, a second application of slow-release fertilizer plus crabgrass preventer. This booster shot of Prevent continues crabgrass protection throughout the summer.

Step Four Renovator

When to Apply Step 4

Late-August through October


Nitrogen Fertilizer

Step 4 – Loveland Renovator, a combination of slow and quick-release nitrogen, helps the grass recover established lawns from summer stress.

Uncle’s Tip: When fall overseeding, use Renovator as a starter fertilizer for new grass seed and apply a second Renovator 4 weeks later.

Step Five Snowman Winter Root Builder

When to Apply Step 5

Late October through November


Winter Fertilizer

Step 5 – Loveland Snowman, a winter root builder, with higher phosphorus and potash formula encourages root growth, disease resistance, drought and traffic tolerance as well as early spring green up.


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