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Family-owned for over 60 years, the Grass Pad is the largest independent distributor of fertilizer, turf-type fescue, bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass seeds in the mid-west. We take pride in setting the highest quality standards for the varieties we choose in our seed mixes. Grass Pad seed varieties are university-tested for performance and laboratory-tested for purity. We take the best of the best and mix them for our customers. If you need aspirin, Cheerios, or underwear, you won’t find them at Grass Pad, but you will find high-performance grass seed, fertilizers, and landscape supplies; whether you need to buy one pound or 10,000 lbs., come on down to the Grass Pad.

The Cinderella Uncle

Grass Pad Dairy Barn
Grass Pad Sales Floor

The first Kansas City Grass Pad opened as a sod farm on 700 acres in Farley, Missouri. No telephone, no running water, just two light bulbs, one outdoor privy, and an old dairy barn.

People drove for miles to find the gravel road, the old barn, and the 700 acres of lush green sod. Uncle had the program to grow the finest sod: “Imitate nature! Plant the finest seed. Feed it. Prevent crabgrass and weeds.” Why that’s so simple, it was Idiot Proof.

Customers wanted to know his secret. How did Uncle keep his sod so lush and green? They said, “Tell us the secret so we can make our lawns lush, thick and green like your sod farm.” “Uncle, write down that idiot proof program. Put it on a yellow sheet so it won’t get lost.”

Now people knew Uncle’s secret. They drove for miles down a gravel road to buy the finest Grass Pad seed and Uncle’s Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program.

Over the years, Grass Pad has grown to five locations surrounding the Kansas City metro area and our original Loveland Lawns Grass Pad location in Omaha, Nebraska. The new mantra in the garden center business is about going upscale to high-profit gift shops and wine coolers, at Grass Pad, it’s all about dirt on our shoes and grass on our minds.

“Serving the environment of mankind

by growing relationships with our

customers, staff and suppliers.” -Uncle

All Grass Pad warehouse locations will have a full-line nursery on site. Annual flowers, perennials, flowering shrubs, and evergreens are all available at Grass Pad Warehouses. Ornamental flowering trees and big shade trees in many sizes along with evergreens such as Green Giant arborvitae, upright junipers, pine, and spruce trees are available too.  

At Grass Pad we have a reputation for having knowledgeable sales staff, and friendly customer service. Our Grass Pad team members are actively involved in many regional and national trade organizations. As one of the leading distributors of plant material in the country, Grass Pad has access to the newest plant introductions onto the marketplace. Dealing directly with local growers and growers from around the nation, we provide our customers with great products.

Who We Are

Olathe Grass Pad Staff
Olathe Grass Pad Staff

Pioneers in Turf

Perennial Rye Grass Field
Perennial Rye Grass Field

Grass Pad is a retail and wholesale distributor of premium quality sod, grass seed, fertilizer, lawn chemicals, mulch, soils, and nursery stock.

Sixty years of experience in the professional turf industry. Grass Pad is a pioneer in sod production and an active member of Turf Producers International, Kansas Turf  Foundation, and Nebraska Turfgrass Association, supporting research to enhance the turfgrass industry. As the primary grass seed and fertilizer supplier to premier sod producers in the mid-west, Grass Pad gives homeowners access to the same quality turf products the professionals demand. Sod farms don’t buy seed and fertilizer for sod production at a box store or hardware store. Why would you?

The finest quality fescue, bluegrass, and perennial sports turf rye grass seed specifically selected for the mid-west is available at all six Grass Pad locations. We pride ourselves in selecting only the best grass seed and lawn products for our customers. When it comes to grass seed, there is a lot to learn about quality, and Grass Pad can help you understand the difference. And for those who require instant gratification, we sell bluegrass, fescue, and zoysia sod for pick up or delivery.

It started in the big white seed warehouse on “F” street in Omaha Nebraska. The one with the big red letters: “LOVELAND -SOD-SEED-FERTILIZER”. Before the Kellogg’s plant, before the big box stores there was a little green house on F street where they sold grass seed and fertilizer from the garage.

People came for miles to talk to Joe and Ada and learn the Loveland secret. How did Loveland Lawns grow grass so lush and green?

They moved to the big new warehouse. Box cars and semi-trucks all to keep Omaha green. More new fertilizer, more new grass seeds, all piled high. The latest in turf grass science for Omaha. Homeowners, lawn services, parks and golf courses all drove out to the Loveland Warehouse.

Pioneers in the Turf Grass Industry, in Omaha and the nation. Loveland helped plant the seed for the Turf Department at the University of Nebraska, The American Sod Producers Association, the Nebraska Golf Course Superintendents, the National Lawn and Garden Distributors Association.

The heart of America is Omaha, the green heart of Omaha is Loveland.

The Loveland Lawns Story

Welcome to Loveland Lawns
Joe and Ada McDermott

Loveland Grass Pad

Big Red Grass Pad Barn
Loveland Grass Pad Omaha Nebraska

Before Lake Zorinsky, before flood control, before the race to Elkorn. The new sod farm at 144th and F street. With new sod harvesters from Canada, new reel mowers, acres of bluegrass just like golf course. The big red barn with the big yellow letters: GRASSPAD. Up on the hill, you could see it for miles.

Breed better lawn grasses just like they breed race horses. Each generation refined and tested. New grass varieties for urban home lawns, parks and golf courses. Select the grass plants for the Midwest. Grow the grass for Omaha.

Sixty years ago the heart of the turf grass revolution began at the big red barn at GRASSPAD at 144th and F street. Hundreds of acres, thousands of rolls. Every day fresh green rolls of Grass Pad sod cut and delivered controlling erosion and protecting the environment. Perfect Grass Pad sod growing in perfect Nebraska soil.

The big red barn is gone. Lake Zorinsky now covers the first Grass Pad Sod farm. But the green heart of Grass Pad grows and flourishes.

Every day fresh green sod is grown on our farms and delivered to the Loveland Grass Pad. Perfect Grass Pad sod is still growing in perfect Nebraska soil. Uncle Joe would be proud

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