What is Uncle’s Root Accelerator?

Uncle’s Root Accelerator is a water-soluble horticultural-grade plant starter fertilizer formulated to accelerate root development by providing essential nutrients needed in the early stages of plant growth. Uncle’s Root Accelerator can be used for a wide variety of plantings: transplanting of trees, ornamental shrubs, grasses, flowers, and groundcovers in beds, containers, and raised gardens.

Benefits of Root Accelerator

  • Promotes Rapid Root Growth
  • Provides Essential Nutrients
  • Boosts Flower Blooms
  • Reduces Transplant Shock
  • Use in Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets
  • Use in Vegetable Gardens and Raised Beds
  • Use for Transplanting Ornamental Shrubs
  • Use for Transplanting Ornamental Grasses
  • Use for Transplanting Trees

Uncle’s Root Accelerator Enhances Root Development

Uncle’s Root Accelerator feeds plants with primary and secondary nutrients. The higher phosphorus contained in Uncle’s Root Accelerator promotes root growth, which is especially important for transplanting trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. The healthier the root structure, the more vigorously your plant will grow. Use Uncle’s Root Accelerator to water plants when transplanting. Using the diluted solution in place of pure water reduces the shock of transplanting and results in the faster establishment of the plant.

Healthy Roots Make Healthy Plants that Build Healthy Soil

Healthy plants help build healthy soil by encouraging microbial populations that reduce insects and diseases. For outstanding results, water in Uncle’s Root Accelerator once a month throughout spring, summer, and fall growing seasons. Consistent applications produce more hearty plants.

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