Best Fruit Trees and Tips on Care

Apples, peaches and pears, oh my! Grass Pad offers only the best, easiest-to-grow fruit trees hardy for Kansas City. No matter how much growing room you have with standard, dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees. Grass Pad fruit trees are perfectly sized and come ready to plant. In no time at all, you’ll be harvesting sweet pie cherries, apples, peaches, plums and pears.

Note: Not all fruit tree varieties are available at all locations. Availability subject to market conditions.


4-in-1 Apple 
Arkansas Black Apple 
Dwf. Yellow Delicious Apple 
Fireside Apple 
Freedom Apple 
Fuji Apple 
Gala Apple 
Golden Sentinel Columnar Apple 
Granny Smith Apple 
Haralred® Apple 
Honeycrisp Apple 
Honeygold Apple 
Jonathan Apple 
Liberty Apple 
McIntosh Apple 
Red Delicious Apple 
Sweet Sixteen Apple 
Winesap Apple 
Yellow Delicious Apple 
Semi Dwf. Gala Apple 
Semi Dwf. Granny Smith Apple 
Semi Dwf. Jonathan Apple 
Semi Dwf. Red Delicious Apple 
Semi Dwf. Sweet Sixteen Apple 
Semi Dwf. Yellow Delicious Apple
Bing Cherry 
Black Tartarian Cherry 
Montmorency Cherry 
Northstar Cherry 
Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry
Belle of Georgia Peach 
Early Elberta Peach 
Elberta Peach 
Frost Peach 
Hale Haven Peach 
Ranger Peach 
Red Haven Peach 
Redskin Peach 
Sentinel Peach 
Semi Dwf. Belle of Georgia Peach 
Semi Dwf. Elberta Peach 
Semi Dwf. J.H. Hale Peach 
Semi Dwf. Ranger Peach
Moorpark Apricot
Sungold Apricot
Tilton Apricot
4-in-1 Pear 
Bartlett Pear 
Hosui Asian Pear 
Keiffer Pear 
Moonglow Pear 
Orient Pear 
Parker Pear 
Shinsui Asian Pear 
Summercrisp Pear 
Semi Dwf Bartlett Pear
Mount Royal Plum 
Santa Rosa Plum 
Stanley Plum 
Superior Plum 
Toka Plum

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