The aggressive growth of zoysia and Bermuda grasses make them very invasive species of grass. Should zoysia or wild Bermuda spread into your property, here are a few steps to try and kill it.

Late July: Effective control starts while the warm season grasses are actively growing in early August. However; preparation begins in late July. While summer can be hot and dry, it is recommended to fertilize and water the warm season grass areas two weeks in advance of the first application of herbicide. Stimulating vigorous growth will help translocate the herbicide deep into the roots for best control.

Early August: Once the grass is actively growing and not stressed, spray affected areas with Eraser, a non-selective herbicide, to kill all grass and weeds. Follow up with a second application of Eraser in three to five days spraying any green that remains. Uncle’s tip: Do not mow the week prior to first application of Eraser. More leaf surface exposed to the herbicide will enhance its effectiveness.

Mid-August: Ten days after initial Eraser application, mow the lawn to remove any dead top growth and spray an additional application of Eraser to any newly emerging shoots.

Early September: Aeration and verticutting prior to overseeding is recommended. Over seed using the Grass Pad seed of your choice and fertilize with Golf Course Starter or Renovator. Repeat application of Golf Course Starter or Renovator 4 weeks later. Apply Snowman winter root builder in November.