Plant Pots at the Grass Pad

Whether you need a small pot for a window sill, or want to have a large container garden on your patio, the Grass Pad has what you need! Not only do we have many different sizes of pottery, our pottery comes from a variety of locations, from Vietnam to Germany. Each pot has its pros and cons – some are durable and more expensive, others are cost effective but not as weather tolerant. We’ve broken them out below by country of origin and provided some details so you can find the perfect pot for your needs!

Vietnamese Pottery – Uncle’s Pick

Vietnamese pottery is the highest quality pottery that we sell at the Grass Pad. The clay the pots are made from is very strong and winter proof, making them a great choice if you don’t want to lug big pots around before the cold months. Vietnamese pots come in very large sizes, making them excellent statement pieces. Generally not mass-produced, the pottery you’re buying has a one of a kind look and there will be more variation in color even within the same set. As the pottery is made from dense clay, some of the pots can be heavy. If you’re looking for high quality pots, unique designs and the ability to leave them outside during the winter, look no further than Vietnamese pottery.

Malaysian Pottery

Moderate sizes, styles and colors are a hallmark of the Malaysian pottery.  These pieces generally have more of a uniform appearance and less of a hand made look.   They are great for expanding your collection especially for smaller plants you want to bring inside.  

Chinese Pottery

Chinese Pottery offers a lot of variety both in size and glaze colors.   Flashy colors with “drip” glazes are available in this category.  You can select from everything from large statement pieces to window-sill size containers.  While some of the clay may be able to handle winters outside, we feel our customers are safer protecting their investment by enjoying these planters indoors during the winter months.

German Pottery 

The planters we see from Germany are fun, ultra bright colors.  This is achieved with an epoxy coating that is  especially durable  when protected  freezing.  These great colors make it a great welcome sign on porches and decks.  Matching saucers are available when you are ready to bring these indoors.

Container Gardening Examples at the Grass Pad
Container Gardening in Pots at the Grass Pad

Pot Feet and Saucers

Plants don’t like to have wet feet and neither do pots. Pot feet are designed to lift pots off the ground or deck to allow better drainage. They also allow for air flow beneath the planter so your deck can dry out and won’t get the “ring”. Not having standing water beneath the pot, preventing a mosquito hatchery from forming.

How to Winter Planters Outside

Planters left outside can get a helping hand from their human friends by ensuring good drainage.  Avoiding water build-up inside the pot that can expand when freezing is a must.  When initially planting the container, Grass Pad recommends the bottom 1/3 of the planter be drainage material.  The easiest to use is lava rock for its light weight and air space.  Water has a place to go.


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