Uncle’s Snowflake Pansy is for Color 
There are perhaps no other flowers that meet the call of color quite like a pansy. There’s a full rainbow in pansy flowers: rich red, true orange, sunny yellow, soft mauve to deep purple, as well as black and white. Choose from clear colors, or the traditional blotched pansy. There are also mixes and multi-colored blooms. The most important rule of color when it comes to Uncle’s Snowflake Pansy? There are no rules!

Snowflake Pansies are for Fun
The modern-day pansy, a hybrid called viola x wittrockiana, can be traced back to 1839 England, but much has changed since then. Pansy got their name from the French word “pensée,” which means think. Contrary to English slang, the pansy is tough. They love cool weather, bounce back from light frosts, and in warmer climates thrive all winter. So have some fun with pansies and use them anywhere, in any color combinations. Plant them in unexpected containers or in little bare spots that need a lift. Plant pansies alone or with other cool-loving pals.

General Info

Ideal for: Garden beds, containers, hanging baskets and window boxes . Combines well with other plants for mixed container designs

Garden Height: 6 to 8 in  Garden Spread: 6 to 8 in  Exposure: Full to part sun

Pansy prefer cooler temperatures, but can take higher temperatures during the day as long as they have cooler night temperatures. In regions where night temperatures are below 68°F, pansy will bloom best when they get full sun all day. If night temperatures are above 68°F, choose an area that gets morning to mid-day sun, but is shaded during the afternoon, which is the hottest part of the day.

Spring Planting
Snowflake Pansy will bloom continuously through the summer if temperatures stay cool. If the weather is hot and plants do not bloom as vigorously, trim them back in late July or August to help refresh them for a second round of blooms in autumn.

Fall Planting
When planted in late summer or fall, a pansy will provide bright color until the first hard frost. Depending where you live (Zone 5+), Pansy flowers may bloom again the following spring.


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