Rick W. – Testimonial
April 14, 2020
Rick W Grass Pad Lawn Hall of Fame

“I started with the idiot proof lawn care program last fall after attending one of the seminars. I decided to do a complete lawn renovation and seeded with Macho Mix. Have followed the program coming up on the 1 year anniversary and the results have been spectacular. My lawn has become the talk of the neighborhood. Thank you Uncle for making it very easy to have an amazing lawn.”

Update: April 2020

“This is my 3rd year on the GP program. Like a fine wine, my lawn gets better year after year. I overseeded with the Estate Mix last fall and this is the results. Every time someone is out walking their dog, they comment that my lawn could rival any professional sports field. I take that as the ultimate compliment. Thanks Uncle”

-Rick W.

-Olathe, KS

Grant A – Testimonial

Grant A – Testimonial

The results speak for themselves! Follow their process and you are guaranteed results. It’s simple, effective, affordable and by following...

Mike W. – Testimonial

Mike W. – Testimonial

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