Fall Lawn Renovation Clinic

The Grass Pad Fall Lawn Renovation Clinic is back! If you are a new homeowner, new to caring for a lawn or even a seasoned lawn caregiver this clinic will be for you. Grass Pad Fall Lawn clinic will help you understand the Why’s, What’s and When of Idiot Proof Lawn Care for the fall season.

Not only will our Green Team will show you the steps you need to maintain a vigorous, healthy lawn for any budget, all Grow Points members get DOUBLE POINTS on all fall programs, grass seed and fall fertilizer for the whole weekend!*  We’ll have door prizes, complimentary juice, coffee, and donuts and a Q&A session at the end of the clinic. Grass Pad can help you to make your lawn the best-looking lawn on the block! Oh, and it’s always free to attend!

Clinic Topics Will Include:

  • Fall Lawn Renovation
  • Why Fall Overseeding is Important
  • Choosing the Right Grass Seed
  • Tips on Growing Grass in Heavy Shade
  • Q&A with the Lawn Experts

Fall Lawn Renovation Clinic Schedule and Sign Up

Check-in begins at 10:00 am, presentation starts at 10:30 am. Double Grow Points on select items event weekend only!

Olathe, Bonner Springs, Stilwell

Saturday, August 13th 10:30 am
Sunday, August 14th 10:30 am


Barry Road, Lee’s Summit

Saturday, August 20th 10:30 am
Sunday, August 21st 10:30 am

Omaha Grass Pad

Saturday, August 27th 10:30 am
Sunday, August 28th 10:30 am

*Grass Roots Level members will get 2X points on qualifying purchases. Tree Top Level members will get 4X points on qualifying purchases. All Grow Points members will receive double points during the entire weekend at the qualifying stores, regardless of attendance at the clinic. 


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