Trees make our city beautiful and provide us with many benefits – shade, privacy, increased property values, shelter and food for birds and other small creatures to list just a few.

Trees contribute to the health of our planet earth. Trees clean the air by giving off oxygen, storing carbon, and recycling moisture into the atmosphere. Trees help prevent soil erosion, help modify temperatures, and act as windbreaks. In one year, an average tree inhales 26 pounds of CO2 and exhales enough oxygen for a family of four for a year.

Return on Investment. Benefits of trees have been known for a long time but it may be difficult to relate to the totality of all their advantages. With the help of a new computer program called i-Tree , you can now place a value on the benefits trees will pay back to you over time.

When is the best time to plant a tree? The answer is 20 years ago, but the next best time is now! Educate your kids and get them excited about picking out their own tree. Make it a family project. Plant a memorial tree for a loved one or on the birth of a child. Planting trees is not only a cool thing to do – it’s one way each of us can help improve our environment. Planting trees is easy and fun.

Come on down to the Grass Pad. Let our own “Green Team” help you find the perfect tree for any location and any budget. Instructions on care and planting are always available from our nursery experts.  At Grass Pad we have everything for homeowners and professionals to be successful when planting trees and shrubs.


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