Magnolia Trees are Idiot-Proof Plants

Magnolia trees are among the hardiest and long-lived ornamental trees in the midwest. Incidentally, magnolias are low-maintenance and require no pruning. Also, magnolias do not drop obnoxious seeds and have no serious insect or disease issues. Adored for their spectacular spring flowers and sweet fragrances, magnolias in the landscape can be utilized as a specimen for a featured focal point or used as accent shrubs and make effective living fences. Ranging in colors from white, pink, purple, and even yellow. Heights range from ten to fifty feet. Types of magnolias include elegant evergreen with glossy foliage to deciduous shrub types. Having such a wide selection of varieties of magnolias available, there will likely be a magnolia to fit any sunny spot you may have available.

Royal Star Magnolia

Royal Star Magnolia

(Magnolia Stellata)

The Royal Star magnolia blooms early in spring. Large, fragrant, white, double flowers appear before the foliage emerges. A springtime show that will add a beautiful touch to landscapes as the seasons progress.

(Learn more about the Royal Star at this link)

Jane Magnolia

‘Jane’ Magnolia

(Magnolia liliflora’Reflorescens’ x stellate ‘Waterlilly’)

Jane Magnolia is deciduous and drops its leaves in winter. ‘Jane’ magnolia is a hybrid cross of Magnolia lillifora and Magnolia Stellata. This combination creates a compact habit with beautiful reddish-purple flowers. Occasionally reblooming in mid-summer.

(Learn more about ‘Jane” Magnolia at this link)

Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia

(Magnolia x soulangiana)

The Saucer Magnolia is our most popular magnolia. Growing to a height up to 25 feet tall. Large pink-to-white flowers bloom from its low-hanging branches in early spring. Flowers resemble an upside-down tulips and are often confused for the Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera).

(Learn more about the Saucer Magnolia at this link.)

Genie Magnolia

‘Genie’ Magnolia

(Magnolia soulangeana x lilifora ‘Genie’)

‘Genie’ Magnolia also blooms in early spring. Bursting with beautiful blackish-red tulip-shaped flowers with a light scent. They are often followed by a second round of color in Mid-Summer. ‘Genie’ Magnolia grows upright, forming a tall shrub or compact tree. The ‘Genie’ magnolia has an average height of ten to twelve feet.

(Learn more about the Genie Magnolia at this link.)

Sweet Bay Magnolia

Sweet Bay Magnolia

(Magnolia virginiana)

The Sweet Bay Magnolia is an upright-growing semi-evergreen. Keeping some of its leaves through most of the winter. Their long oval leaf is glossy green on top and has a silvery underside. Their creamy white flowers measure two to three inches in diameter. Interestingly, they open in the morning and close overnight. The Sweet Bay bloom during summer, intermittently until the first frost.

Learn more about Sweet Bay Magnolias at this link.

Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia

Bracken’s Brown Beauty

(Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’)

Bracken’s Brown Beauty is your best choice if you love the elegant look of the old south. Bracken’s Brown Beauty has a dark green glossy leaf with a fuzzy red-brown underside. Blooming in late spring and then sporadically through summer. Large creamy white flowers eight-inch-in-diameter. Fowers open with a citrusy perfume fragrance, eventually forming a cone. The cone ripens fall and winter to bright red seeds.

(Learn more about Bracken’s Brown Beauty at this link.)

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