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Elite Bluegrass Seed Varieties Best for Kansas City

Grass Pad Blue Wave Bluegrass

When it comes to native grasses, Kentucky bluegrass is truly Mother Nature's Masterpiece. When left untended in the wild, this tough productive grass will aggressively crowd out most other grass varieties including fescues. As recently as 40 years ago, the majority of the bluegrass seed grown in the country was grown and processed right here in our area. 

Bluegrass will make the most desirable lawn with the least effort of any turfgrass species for 10 months out of the year.  Improved varieties of Kentucky bluegrass produce the darkest green color available for lawn grasses.  Bluegrass has runners that allow it to spread, fill in bare spots, and repair itself from damage.  This unique quality makes it more wear tolerant than fescue or buffalo grass and ideal for safe playing surfaces on sports fields or front lawns. 

Local sod growers who take pride in their turf and know the bluegrass secret.  In cool weather, feed bluegrass with Renovator and mow it tight and the weeds will disappear.


While bluegrass requires some irrigation to maintain summer color, mature bluegrass can survive extended droughts in a dormant state.  Irrigating bluegrass with 1 inch of water on ten day intervals in July and August and reduced mowing will sustain most bluegrass color.

Grass Pad Estate Mix


Elite Kentucky bluegrass varieties recommended for Kansas City include Bluemaster®Front Page®, Arrowhead®, and Corsair®. These varieties show characteristics for dark color, disease resistance, heat tolerance, and wearability that make them an excellent choice for Kansas City lawns.  Estate Mix™, which include elite bluegrass varities and sports turf perennial rye grass, is an excellent choice for spring seeding and fall renovation.   

When choosing a grass seed mix, read the label carefully. Avoid mixes that contain course bladed varieties K-31 pasture fescue and other coarse fescue types. In our area, K-31 is a special problem. By itself, it is a coarse bladed grass best suited for pastures and landfills

Grass Pad Blue Wave Bluegrass
Grass Pad Blue Wave Bluegrass
Grass Pad Blue Wave Bluegrass

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