Blue Wave, is a blend of the best Kentucky bluegrasses available for the mid-west transition zone. Top rated Kentucky bluegrasses blended for the most desirable lawn with the least effort of any turf grass. Kentucky bluegrass varieties in Blue Wave bluegrass have aggressive rhizomes that will spread quickly to fill in bare spots and repair itself from damage.  Kentucky bluegrass varieties in Blue Wave are chosen for heat tolerance, dark green color, and improved disease resistance.  Superior turf qualities make Blue Wave more wear tolerant than fescue or buffalo grasses and ideal for safe playing surfaces on sports fields and front lawns.  Use Blue Wave bluegrass in your lawn and never worry about summer brown patch like you will with most fescue.

Blue Wave bluegrass is available in seed or sod. Sold exclusively at Grass Pad. Blue Wave grass seed is available for sale in bulk. Buy only what you need for your lawn. Bring your measurements and we can help calculate. Buy as little as one pound or buy it in 25 lb. or 50lb. bags. Volume discounts are available

Uncle's Tip: Grass seed, it is inexpensive when compared to the alternative of not succeeding because you don't put enough down and have to start completely over. If you're going to throw it down, throw down more than you think. Buy more than you think you need.

Tech Specs:

Recommended overseeding rate: 2-3 lbs. per 1,000 sq . ft.

Recommended bare ground rate: 4-6 lbs. per 1,000 sq . ft.

Germination: 14-21 days in ideal conditions

Mowing Height: |Spring 2-3 inches| Summer 3-4 inches|


* Dark Green Color

* Excellent for Full Sun Lawns

* Aggressive Self Repair

* Traffic Tolerant

* Barefoot Friendly Soft Feel

* Ideal for Sports Fields and Play Zones

* Excellent Disease Resistance


Blue Wave | Elite Kentucky Bluegrass Blend |

Grass Pad Blue Wave bluegrass grass seed