Phil G. – Testimonial
April 30, 2021
Phil G. Grass Pad Lawn Hall of Fame


“Second year of the grass pad program has my yard looking the best it’s ever been! The heatwave plus seed is the best seed I have ever used!”


Getting an early start and early green up thanks to products from the Grass pad! Had many neighbors stop by this spring and ask what I have done to get the best looking yard on the street!!!


I’ve tried overseeding every year with many other seeds without much success. The Heatwave seed was the first one that actually germinated when it said it would and grew like crazy! I was able to fill in spots in just a couple weeks! I’m a believer now!

-Phil G. Tonganoxie KS

Phil G. Grass Pad Lawn Hall of Fame
Phil G. Lawn Hall of Fame
Grant A – Testimonial

Grant A – Testimonial

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Mike W. – Testimonial

Mike W. – Testimonial

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