“Good Morning! Thank you so much for all of your help! Here are some recent lawn pictures, take on 5/16/15 attached. Hoping for a shot at the HOF again this year! Aerated and overseeded with Heat WavePlus in September 2014, followed up with Golf Course Starter (two rounds) and Snowman. This Spring, have applied each of the first three steps of the program, including an additional round of Weed & Feed on the backyard. Yesterday (5/17/15) I applied Prevent booster shot (Step #3), Critter Gitter (Bifenthrin), and Fungus Fighter (Disarm G). Also, recently, I had Grass Pad knockout roses, drift roses, and impatiens planted to improve our landscape. Thanks again to you and the Grass Pad for EVERYTHING!”

-Brian B., Mission KS