Let’s face it, moms are the best. They gave us the gift of life, changed our diapers, raised us, and still love us no matter what. What better way to honor her than to give her some flowers? But if you’re not sure where to start, not to worry, Uncle’s got you covered! Here are five ideas for gifts you can give mom this weekend that will bring a smile to her face.

1. Help Her Build a Colorful Planter

Nothing says love like doing an activity with your mom, so get your gardening gloves out and build a beautiful planter together that will be full of color and bloom all season. If you’ve never put a flowerpot together before, don’t be intimidated! Making the perfect planter is as easy as following these steps – find the perfect container, and then pick a thriller, filler, and spiller. Check out the instructions below to see just how easy it is, or just watch this video. 

High Quality Pottery at the Grass Pad

Pick a Container – Do you want something simple that you can decorate together? Or are you looking for something nice that will last over the years. Good news – the Grass Pad has both and everything in between. Check out Uncle’s guide to pottery.

Pick a Thriller: Use plants that make a big impact with height and structure to your container. These plants commonly go in the middle or the back of the planter to draw excitement and attention. Some of Uncle’s favorites include Dracaena Spikes, Zonal Geraniums, Purple Fountain Grass or Angelonia. Perennials such as Liatris or Coneflower can also be used.

Pick a Filler: Next, select flowering or foliage plants to fill out the body of your container. Choose complimentary colors of pastels or bold colors. Select plants that will grow at similar rates so one plant does not overrun another. Try Sunpatiens, Sun Coleus, or New Guinea Impatiens, to name just a few.

Pick a Spiller: Finally, find some trailing varieties that spill and cascade over the side of your container to soften the edges of your planter and add the finishing touch. For foliage try ivies, Licorice Plant or Vinca Vine. Add color with Bacopa, Trailing Verbena, Trailing Calibrachoa, Scaevola or Torenia

2. Buy a Premade Planter or Hanging Basket

We’re not accusing you of waiting for the last minute, but if time is short and you need something beautiful today to take to mom’s house, a beautiful premade planter or hanging basket fits the bill. We have a great selection of both that work in sun or shade, so consider where the flowers will be placed. Will it go by the front door? Find something with a little height to draw the eye when people walk through the door. On the back patio? You might want a hanging basket so you can smell the fragrant blooms as you stand and admire the lawn.

Flats of Impatiens at the Grass Pad

3. Buy Flats of Color to Plant in the Garden Together

Is your mom a serious gardener? Buy flowers by the flat so you can help her plant her big flower bed! Buying flowers by the flat saves money and gives you lots of color in one fell swoop. Mix and match flowers of the same container size onto one flat so you can save money and get variety. We’ve got flats of Petunias, Marigolds, Impatiens, Salvia and more!

4. Plant a Tree or Flowering Shrub for the Years to Come

Show mom how your love can grow over time by planting a shrub or tree in the garden. If you want something that will bloom around Mother’s Day, try a Lilac or a Weigela. If you’re looking for a fantastic summer bloomer, look no farther than Hydrangeas. Uncle’s favorite ornamental trees include Crabapples, Japanese Maples and Hydrangea Trees. Be sure to plant your shrub or tree correctly so that it brings joy for years to come by following Uncle’s Idiot Proof Planting Guide.

Hydrangea Ornamental Tree
Tomato Plants for Sale at Grass Pad

5. Plant a Vegetable Garden

Planting vegetables now and using them to cook with later will remind mom twice as often how awesome you are. Some of the easiest vegetables to get started with are tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Want to add some flavor to your dishes? Add in some herbs like basil, thyme and mint. These sun lovers will add some spice to your summer dishes and give you an excuse to cookout with mom using the same vegetables you planted.

Whichever option you choose, the important thing is to spend time with mom and get her some beautiful flowers. To keep the flowers blooming all season, be sure to feed them with Uncle’s Root Accelerator every few weeks. If you’re planting them in the ground, make sure and use Uncle’s Max Mix to amend the soil. Come on down and see us at the Grass Pad, and find an expert in a green shirt if you need help picking out the right flowers for your planters or garden.

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