Overtime® Fescue

Overtime Turf Type Tall Fescue – the perfect blend of improved turf type tall fescue seed for those who want an incredibly healthy and dense lawn. It’s deep roots make it highly dependable and low maintenance.

Heat Tolerance

Increased density and genetic diversity provide superior heat tolerance during the summer.

Rated: Excellent


The deep root system of Overtime requires less watering once it has established. 

Rated: Excellent


This improved turf type fescue grass seed can perform well in both sun and shade. 

Rated: Excellent


Aggressive tillers from Overtime fescue improve traffic resistance and improve durability.

Rated: Excellent

Overtime® Features

Overtime Improved Turf-type tall fescue blend is designed for those who would rather play than work! Due to its deep root system, Overtime lets you water longer and less frequently once established. When maintained at a recommended height of 2-3 inches, roots will grow even deeper, allowing the plants to naturally access more water and nutrients without excessive watering. 

Seeding Rate, Germination Time, Mowing Height

Seeding Instructions for Overtime®

Seeding recommendations for Overtime®​ will vary by season and objective. 


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