What do Moles Eat?

In spring, moles target earthworms as a primary food source. Spring thawing loose soils and frequent spring rains bring earthworms nearer to the surface and make a natural bounty for hungry moles. It is safe to say; the healthier yards will have more earthworms. The plentiful spring food source is a significant factor for an increase in damage to healthy spring lawns. However; In late summer and fall, white grubs are the moles’ preferred food. White grubs are more plentiful in the fall and nearer to the surface during the grub hatch.

Best Mole Killer in Spring

For springtime mole control, we recommend Uncle’s Moleminator worm bait. It has the texture look and feel of a real earthworm. Moles can eat a lethal dose in just one feeding

What is Moleminator?

Proven results from our customers, both professional and homeowners, the most successful terminal control for moles is a worm-shaped bait proven to kill moles in lawn and gardens. Uncle calls them his Moleminator. They work better than traps. This new mole bait mimics their natural food the earthworm.  A common myth is that moles eat grubs solely, moles prefer earthworms.  The Moleminator worms have the texture, look and feel of real earthworms with an added scent enhancer to attract moles. Moles can consume a lethal dose in just a single feeding, far superior to the old fashion “poison peanuts”.

Uncle’s Tip: Wear gloves to keep human scent off the worm, and you must be diligent about changing bait locations following active runs or tunnels.  Moles will move their runs every 3 or 4 days, so baiting the active runs is most important. When baiting an active run, use an old tree branch or wooden stick to make your hole. Avoid using metal shovels that may have oils or solvent scents.

Will Killing White Grubs Stop Moles?

Killing white grubs will not stop moles from damaging your lawn. However, reducing the white grub populations is an effective deterrent against moles. Long-Lasting Grub Control applied in early July works as a season-long preventative treatment protecting your turf and defending mole infestations. A curative control for white grubs can be used in early September, Quick Kill Grub Control will stop the grass destroying white grubs and not harm beneficial earthworms. Eliminating white grubs in fall will effectively reduce the available food source for moles.

What is Shoo Magoo?

If Mo-lemination is not in your character and you just want to scoot the mole along his way rather than terminate him with prejudice, then try a repellent. Our customers have the best success with granular Chase Mole Repellent. A dry granular castor oil byproduct, Chase can be applied by hand or rotary spreader and watered in. Chase is an irritant to the mole and drives it away. Organic and completely safe on lawns, shrubs and flowers when applied as directed, you will notice them leaving the areas where Chase was applied.  After the moles have left the area, reapply every 3-4 weeks along the perimeter to keep them out.


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