What is Lawn Cal?

Lawn Cal is an amendment that improves clay soils. Grass Pad’s Lawn Cal is an agricultural grade pelletized gypsum, an excellent source of calcium and sulfur for lawn or garden. Calcium is essential for healthy soil and vigorous plant growth. Used as a soil amendment, Lawn Cal reduces compaction by improving water and air penetration, which counteracts the effects of salt and other excessive elements in the soil. Lawn Cal is an inexpensive granular treatment that can be applied with a home or professional rotary spreader. Lawn Cal can be used at any time of year when the ground is not frozen.

Lawn Cal for Calcium

Benefits of Using Lawn Cal

  • Loosens compacted soils, improving soil porosity.
  • Aids fertilizers to penetrate the ground and be more available to the plant.
  • Calcium is essential for nutrient absorption through plant roots
  • Stimulates microorganism growth
  • Improves water and oxygen penetration into and through the soil
  • Enhances the value of the organic matter in the soil
  • Amends waterlogged soil and lessen water puddling.
  • Aids in moving harmful salts through the soil, away from plants.
  • Lawn Cal minimizes cracks in the soil during drought conditions.

What can cause compacted soil?

There can be multiple reasons why soil is compacted. Heavy machinery during construction, heavy foot traffic, and dog runs are just a few. These conditions can be made worse with heavy clay soils and soggy soil conditions. Applying lawn calcium to a compacted yard works to break down the bulk density of the soil, relieving compaction will provide a better-growing environment for your grass.

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Reducing Salt Damage to Plants

When salt is applied to roads, sidewalks, and driveways during icy winter, the effects can be long-lasting on the surrounding soil and plants. Large amounts of salt in the soil harm both landscape and grass plants. Adding calcium, contained in Lawn Cal, will facilitate damaging salts to leach through the soil quickly while preventing salt uptake into the plant. Left untreated and allowed to be absorbed, toxic ice-melting salts will interfere with the plant’s metabolism causing lethal and permanent damage. Also, this newly available calcium will promote the root uptake of beneficial nutrients.

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Is Lawn Cal Pet Friendly?

It is impossible to eliminate all risks inherently associated with any organic or inorganic lawn products. There are hazards and cautions for sugar and table salt as well. However, we recommend watering each product with at least ½ inch of water and letting the lawn dry before allowing pets access to be on the side of caution. And as always, we recommend reading the entire label before any application and following all label recommendations. We’ve been doing this for 60 years and haven’t lost anyone yet.

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