Step 2 - Apply as needed May to June 

WEED AND FEED, professional strength herbicide plus LoveLand Lawn fertilizer. Control broadleaf weeds like dandelions, prickly lettuce, plantain, curled dock and more. Apply on a sunny day when temperatures are above 70°. Apply to wet lawn (morning dew or lightly watered).  

Uncle's tip: If winter dormant seeding or spring over seeding, follow Uncle's tips for Spring Seeding

Uncle's tip: Do not apply Weed and  Feed when rain is expected within 48 hours and do not mow for 48 hours.

Step 1 - Apply Mid-March to Mid-April

Prevent®, crabgrass preventer plus LoveLand Lawn fertilizer. Apply ½" of water within 48 hours after application. 

Step 3 - Apply Late May to Early June

Prevent®, booster shot second application of LoveLand Lawn fertilizer plus crabgrass preventer. Continues crabgrass protection through summer months. Apply ½" of water within 48 hours after application. 

Step 4 - Apply Late-August  to October

Renovator, combination slow and quick release nitrogen LoveLand Lawn fertilizer helps the grass recover from summer stress. Renovator can also used as a quick starter fertilizer for new grass seed. Apply ½" of water within 48 hours after application. 

Step 5 - Apply October to November

Snowman, winter lawn fertilizer, higher phosphorus and potash formula encourages root growth, disease resistance, drought and traffic tolerance as well as early spring green up. Snowman will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Uncle's tip: Apply  Snowman winter fertilizer before the ground freezes.

Uncle's tip: Fall is the very best time to over seed  your lawn. Fall is the best time to verticut when over seeding or core aerate to relieve  soil compaction. For maximum grass root development and longer lasting green use Renovator when over seeding and again in 4 weeks.

Uncle's Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program

Do you ever wonder what to put on your lawn in early spring, summer or fall? Grass Pad makes lawn care idiot proof! Each fertilizer application is formulated to reduce weed pressure and encourage the health an vigor in turf grass.