Why do I have mushrooms on my lawn?

Mushrooms are a sign of healthy soil. Mushrooms (fungi) feed on organic matter in the soil; sometimes, it can be dead tree roots, buried construction lumber, or even mulch. Nothing will prevent mushrooms if the conditions are ripe for growth, and they do no harm to your grass, so you can pick them or leave them.

Mushrooms in the Lawn
Mushrooms in Mulch

How do I get rid of mushrooms on my lawn?

For parents and pet owners who may have concerns about children or pets eating the mushrooms, physical removal may be the best option.  Otherwise, there is no harm in just mowing them down.  Mushrooms in the mulch can be skimmed off with a shovel to remove them temporarily.  It’s worth mentioning that mushrooms popping up heavily in the rooting zone of a tree may indicate an issue with the tree and the roots dying off.

Will fungicides keep mushrooms out my lawn?

Fungicides will not keep mushrooms out of your lawn. However, mushrooms popping up are a signal indicating that temperatures and humidity levels are ideal for their distant fungi cousins, brown patch, and pythium. When you see mushrooms in the lawn in spring it’s time to apply Fungus Fighter to control turf disease.

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Brown Patch on Fescue

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