Roses have long been the centerpiece of formal gardens. They are a symbol of beauty and love for poets and for singers as diverse as William Shakespeare and Bette Midler. Oddly enough roses were also primitive man’s first barbed wire and planted as hedges to protect field and flock from thief and vandal. Through the ages, countless gardeners have worked their magic and today roses flourish in gardens throughout the world.

Traditional hybrid tea roses are the elegant favorite of formal gardeners and may be found in backyards and patios as well as the spacious lawns of Loose Park. The real question is what roses will do well in the mid-west and are they idiot proof.

High maintenance plants such as the hybrid tea rose do best with regular feedings, pruning and treatment for insects and disease. Like a pampered pet, they reward their keepers with extravagant and elegant blooms. They are a Grass Pad favorite for Moms and Grandmothers alike.

Low maintenance shrub roses have been introduced recently. These new roses require little attention because of increased tolerance to black spot diseases, unlike their classic cousins. They are also resistant to powdery mildew and rust and will tolerate the humid summer weather. 

Shrub roses are extremely versatile and may be; used wherever season long color is desired. Their dependable color will set off the green grass of suburban lawns. They are appropriate border for porch, patio or pool. The flower blossom for shrub roses is smaller than the hybrid teas but displays in everblooming profusion.

Uncle’s Idiot Proof favorite  rose is the Knockout (red or pink). Newer varieties include the Knock Out and Double Knock Out (red or pink), Homerun (flame red) and Sunny Yellow Knockout. Groundcover Flower Carpet Roses are available in amber, scarlet, red, pink, and white.  Drift Roses are another series of groundcover roses available. Easy Elegance  series includes Super HeroSunrise/SunsetAll the RageHigh Voltage and Macy’s Pride.

Shrub roses are becoming increasingly popular as a low maintenance choice for foundation planting, patio pots, or gardens. Uncle says shrub roses are not as flashy as their hybrid tea sorority sisters but they certainly are a cheaper date. Shrub roses deliver reliable good looks year after year. 


  • Best Disease Resistance 
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less Pruning Required
  • Ever Blooming
  • Shrub Type Roses
  • Ground Cover Type Roses
  • Tolerate Humid Summers

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