Are You a pro-GRASS-tinator?

n. pro-grass-tinator- a person who delays, postpones or puts off overseeding their lawn.

Do not “pro-grass-tinate” when it comes to seeding your lawn. Over seed your lawn now. Mother Nature has it figured out after 2 million years of overseeding the prairies; follow her recipe. In their natural growth cycle, grass plants form seed heads and re-seed themselves. Regular mowing eliminates the seed head from your lawn, so mimic Mother Nature by re-seeding every fall. Overseeding will introduce youthful vigor and genetic diversity into existing turf. Overseeding with improved varieties of grass seed each year will create a better quality of turf for the future. 

It Is Not Too Late to Overseed

If you have been the “pro-grass-tinator” and have not over seeded your lawn this fall, today is better than tomorrow and tomorrow is better than next week. In fall, days get shorter and night time temperatures drop. Crabgrass, foxtail, and annual grassy weeds turn yellow and shrivel leaving room for turf seed to germinate in cool soils. Fall overseeding helps thicken existing turf eliminating bare spots. Next spring, if there are no bare spots, there will be no weeds.

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Bluegrass Seed for Late Season Overseeding

Estate Mix is a blend of elite bluegrass varieties with perennial ryegrass added for quick germination in cool soils. Estate Mix is an excellent choice for fall lawn renovating and spring seeding. Aggressive bluegrass varieties will fill in routine damage and perennial ryegrass adds durability in heavy traffic areas. It’s good for shade areas and an outstanding performer in full sun.

Fescue Seed for Late Season Overseeding

Macho Mix turf-type tall fescue blend of top-performing tall fescues plus 5% turf quality perennial ryegrass. Perennial ryegrass blended in Macho Mix gives the fastest germination in cold soils. It’s an excellent grass seed for late fall overseeding and spring spot repairs. Macho Mix is a proven performer for kid’s play areas and dog runs and is an outstanding performer for sun or shade areas. The turf-type tall fescues in Macho Mix retain great color during the winter months and provide a year-round green lawn. 

How Late in the Season Can I Overseed My Lawn?

From late September until Mid-October there is time to fix most turf problems. Seeding in fall, when the days are warm and nights are cold, will allow grass seed to sprout very quickly. Fertilize with Renovator or Golf Course Starter now and again in 4 weeks. An application of fall fertilizer pushes the root system deep into the soil. At Thanksgiving time, fertilize with Snowman winter root builder and your lawn will wake up next spring thick and green with an established root system.

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