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How to Plant a Tree

Call 811 Before You Dig


Uncle says “pick the right spot for the right tree”.  Overhead and underground lines, sidewalks, driveways and building placement need to be considered. – LOOK AROUND!  How much sun and wind does the site get?  Is it too wet after a rainstorm? Putting the right tree in the right spot is the first step for success!

Strong and Woody
The stronger you are, the longer you last.  A tree is no different.  Faster is not always better.  A slow growing tree is more dense and stronger than a fast growing tree. Crimson Spire® OakBurr Oak Red OakSwamp White OakGreen Mountain® sugar maple, and Norwegian Sunset® Maple tree all go to the gym and bulk up. 

The Trade Off
But Uncle, “I don’t want to wait for my grandchildren to get married to enjoy my tree.”  Red Sunset®Redpointe®, or October Glory® maplesImperial® locust, and the Greenspire® linden are all excellent shade trees with good growth and improved durability.

Roll the Dice
But Uncle, “the power lines are under ground, Jane’s swing set is in the back yard and there is no shade”.  Sounds like the perfect spot for our fastest growing trees.  Exclamation® plane tree, Tulip Poplar and Autumn Blaze® Maple trees will reach for the sky and make shade in a hurry

Planting the right tree in the right spot will help prevent future headaches.  Get to the Grass Pad Shade Tree Nursery!


 Ornamental Trees for Kansas City
Redbud, Burgundy Hearts®♥
Redbud, Hearts of Gold®
Redbud, Texas Whitebud

Shade Trees for Kansas City
Locust, Imperial♥
Locust, Sunburst
Maple, Burgundy Belle®♥
Maple, Fairview Flame®
Norway Maple, Royal Red
Willow, Globe
Willow, Wisconsin Weeping 

October Glory maple shade tree
Shade trees for Kansas City

October Glory shade tree in fall color
Shade tree in fall color

River Birch tree at Grass Pad nursery
River Birch tree

Hearts of Gold Redbud Tree
Hearts of Gold Redbud Tree
Red Sunset Maple Shade Tree
Red Sunset Maple Shade Tree
Red Sunset Maple Shade Tree
Red Sunset Maple Shade Tree

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