Spring Spot Seeding  When Using PREVENT!

Step 1 - Locate your bare spots and rake clean any debris.

Step 2 - (Mid-March - Mid-April) Apply Step #1 Prevent® over the entire lawn and water with ½ inch of water within 48 hours. 

Step 3 - Wait a minimum of 3 days, to allow for the pre-emergence herbicide to activate in the soil. Using a heavy rake scratch the soil surface of each bare spot. Disturbing the soil surface will break the weed killing vapor barrier created by the herbicide.

Step 4 - Cover each barespot with ½ inch of weed free PrimeraFC seed dressing.

Step 5 - Apply your new Grass Pad grass seed on top of this layer of PrimeraFC.

Step 6 - Cover grass seed with ¼ inch layer of PrimeraFC. DO NOT USE TOPSOIL OR COMPOSTED PEATS. Topsoil  or composted peats will contain weed seeds from the field it was taken. 

Step 7 - Water and keep damp with frequent light waterings.

Step 8 - Mow as needed with a sharp blade on a day when the grass is not wet.

Uncle's tip: PrimeraFC seed dressing works as a buffer allowing the grass seeds to germinate above the Prevent® barrier. Seeds germinating above the herbicidal barrier will not be damaged.

Prevent crabgrass killer plus fertilizer

How to repair bare spots in the lawn after applying crabgrass preventer.