..."I just wanted to drop you a line, we attended the seminar you had about the Idiot Proof Program and bought the treatments. We couldn't be happier about the results so far. It's a 200% difference over last year's looks. Thank you again."

-Patk S., Lee's Summit MO 

“....."I live in Liberty, MO. It took 2yrs of hard work and patience. Anyone can do it with your grass seed and idiot proof program. Thanks Grass Pad!"

-Chris F., Shawnee KS  

..."I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help and advice I have been given while undergoing a full lawn renovation in the fall of 2014. I frequented both the Olathe and South OP locations and was always given great service, along with great products. I also attended a free seminar that was incredibly informative in helping me tackle my project. I also wanted to include some before and after photos of my lawn, which I would love to see on the website, if the results are up to your high standards! "

-Adam H. 

�€œ....."Was a little worried about taking on an acre of Bermuda and zoysia. But thanks for the help of the people at Grass Pad and all the question they answered. They convinced me started over was the best bet and they were right! Here it is August of 2014 today the 23rd of April!!! Stadium Special Grass Seed, Loveland Renovator, Field Conditioner"

-Cole S. 

..."Hello, After a late summer pool install we faced the possibility of a mud pile for a backyard during the winter. I told my wife I would not be using the big chain store products as they didn't seem to work in the past. That left sod, hydroseed, or the Grass Pad. I chose the Lee's Summit Grass Pad. I showed them pictures of the dilemma with dimensions and away we went. I bought the entire system and followed their instructions. As you can see the before and after are remarkable for starting from scratch. A big THANK You and I'm a lifelong Grass Pad customer now!"

-Paul J., Lee's Summit MO 

..."We have been using Macho Mix for a number of years, it works great! We'd love for you to add our picture to your collection, and thanks for giving us such a great formula for our lawn!"

-Charlie, Independence MO

“....."Uncle, Though I send a pic of my yard after seeding last Fall, following your Idiot Proof Idiot Proof Program Program and then seeding one more time this Fall. I moved into my house last September and the grass was a mess, thanks to some Macho Mix Grass seed and the 5 Steps, it's Idiot Proof Program greatly improved. Even if they don't make it into the Hall of Fame, thank you!"

-Brad L., Kansas City MO 

     ..."I attached a few pictures of the lawn for this year. A big Thanks to Sean, Corby, and the whole crew in Stilwell for the continued help and knowledge. The Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program combined with SpeedZone Grub Control, and over seeding with Heat Wave Plus has produced some great results. If only I could get all the neighbors to join me."

-Thomas A., Overland Park KS

..."Moved into home in October of 2013. Began work on lawn on April 18, 2014 (verticut, dethatched, and over seeded with Macho Mix, followed with Golf Course Starter fertilizer). Aerated and over seeded on Saturday, 9/13/14 (Heat Wave Plus) followed with Golf Course Starter fertilizer. Here are some before and after shots, with the after shots taken very recently. Thank you very much! I have visited your Olathe location several times, buying all of my seed and fertilizer from there. I had a small brown patch outbreak this Summer and picked up my anti-fungus application from there. I also call frequently with questions, and your reps are very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable."

-Brian B., Mission KS

..."A BIG thanks to Billy and the Bonner Springs Crew!! I wouldn't have the greenest lawn on the block without their direction! Keep up the good work fellas, here are a few pics to be proud of!"

-Ty S., Shawnee KS 

..."Good Morning! Thank you so much for all of your help! Here are some recent lawn pictures, take on 5/16/15 attached. Hoping for a shot at the HOF again this year! Aerated and overseeded with Heat Wave Plus in September 2014, followed up with Golf Course Starter (two rounds) and Snowman. This Spring, have applied each of the first three steps of the program, including an additional round of Weed & Feed on the backyard. Yesterday (5/17/15) I applied Prevent booster shot (Step #3), Critter Gitter (Bifenthrin), and Fungus Fighter (Disarm G). Also, recently, I had Grass Pad knockout roses, drift roses, and impatiens planted to improve our landscape. Thanks again to you and the Grass Pad for EVERYTHING!"

-Brian B., Mission KS

..."I live in Liberty, MO. It took 2yrs of hard work and patience. Anyone can do it with your grass seed and idiot proof program. Thanks Grass Pad!"

-Paul P.,Liberty MO

Grass Pad Customer Testimonials:

 "I finally got tired of my ugly looking lawn and decided to do something about it. I followed the Idiot Proof Total Lawn Restoration plan and the results are undeniable. I killed off the entire lawn in late September 2016 (a month later than I wanted to) with Eraser. Then, verticut and over seeded using Heat Wave Plus and followed it with a round of Renovator. Kept everything watered and applied the booster Renovator 4 weeks later. It really is Idiot Proof."

Matt T. 

..."October 2015 - I wanted to share my yard story with you: I purchase my home in April 2014 and I did renovations on the inside the first year. I contact Jerry Moore in April 2015 and told him I was ready to give my yard a face lift. Jerry told me to wait until the Fall and then we would come up with a plan.

Over Labor Day weekend I rented a verticut machine, purchased 50 pounds of Heat Wave seed, two bags of fertilizer and got to work on my yard. I purchased a couple of sprinklers and then began watering and sat back and watched my yard come to life! I am SURE my neighbors thought I was OCD because I wanted to make sure that my seed took.

This was one of the most rewarding projects I undertook! One of my goals in life was to have one of those yards that you just want to slip off your shoes and run through and with the help of Grasspad and Jerry Moore I am going to achieve that goal.

Thank You 

-Rosie S. - Leavenworth KS  

Grass Pad Hall of Fame Lawns

"I just wanted to say thank you. I lived in this home for several years and was always embarrassed by my lawn. I went to Grasspad and tried the Idiot Proof Program and almost immediately saw a difference. After removing a tree and using the program (along with the  Estate Mix) for a second year, the results were astoundng. By the star of year three my neighbors were commenting that my yard looke lik a fairway and as they say "pictures don't lie". Even thugh I have moved five hours away, I will be back every year and have already started the process at my new home with similar results. Thank you for providing such amazing products!!!"

Adam J.