The best preventative control for white grub is an early application of Long Lasting Grub Control.  If you find grub damage the best control is Quick Kill Grub Stomper. more

How to kill nutgrass and nutsedge in the yard. Uncle's Nut Buster stomps out nutgrass and will not harm the good grass. more more

Kill dandelions, clover, henbit, chickweed and other broadleaf weeds. Control broadleaf weeds in spring, summer and fall. more

Post emergent control for crabgrass, foxtail and broadleaf weeds. Use Q-Bomb for annual grassy weeds that have escaped pre-emergent controls. more

Warm weather bring annoying pests like fleas, ticks and chiggers ruining your picnics and patio parties. Apply Critter Gitter to the lawn to control surface insects. more

Using Uncle's Fungus Fighters is the idiot proof way to control turf disease in your yard. Talk to our turf experts develop your resistance management strategy. more

Tips on how to repair vole damage in turf grass and an idiot proof vole more

Best mole killers for the lawn and garden. Moleminator for a quick extermination or Shoo Magoo repellents for the more 

Uncle's Tips on Lawn Pests