Uncle's Premium Shade Mix- Custom blended shade tolerant grass seed varieties are chosen for their low water and nutrient requirements. For best results growing grass in shade, follow Uncle's Idiot Proof tips.

Stadium Special- If homeowners want to increase wear tolerance and play ability without sacrificing good looks, a fine leafed sports turf perennial rye blend such as Stadium Special can be mixed with bluegrass or fescue lawns. These perennial rye varieties are used on golf courses and sports fields throughout the country for their durability and good looks.

Estate Mix - Elite bluegrass seed blend plus perennial rye is an excellent choice for fall or spring renovating. Gives that well manicured look of a golf course fairway.  Aggressive  spreading abilities fill in routine damage and perennial rye adds durability. Excellent in sun. Good for shade.

Macho Mix - Low maintenance at the top of your priority list? You should choose Macho Mix, elite fescue blend plus 5% sports turf perennial rye has the ability to hold up in heavy traffic areas. Great for play zones and dog runs.  Varieties are chosen for color, wear, heat and drought tolerance.

Heat Wave - Improved turf-type tall  elite fescue grass blend. Dark green color with exceptional root strength for durability and drought tolerance. Genetic diversity for improved disease resistance.  Excellent in full sun or shade. 

Heat Wave Plus - Grass Pad's Heat Wave plus elite bluegrass added for genetic diversity improving stand density  to defend against summer weed pressure. This 95% elite turf-type tall fescue plus 5% bluegrass combination delivers durability and drought tolerance of fescue plus rhizomatious healing ability of an aggressive spreading bluegrass. Excellent in full sun.

Overtime®- Improved Turf-Type tall fescue blend. The original elite fescue blend. Excellent in full sun and shade. Good drought and heat tolerant seed varieties.

Blue Wave  - Elite bluegrass blend makes the most desirable lawn with the least effort of any turf grass. Blue Wave bluegrass has rhizomes that allow it to spread, fill in bare spots, and self-repair. This turf quality makes it more wear tolerant than fescue or buffalo grasses and ideal for safe playing surfaces on sports fields or front lawns. Excellent in full sun.

Blended grass seed varieties grow best in your lawn. Grass Pad produces lawn seed mixes for any growing condition.  Custom formulated blends and mixes of the best cool-season grasses for the midwest.  Over 50 years of experience in the sod industry, our seed buyers select the best performing varieties  to use on your lawn and sports fields. University tested for their dark green color, disease resistance, heavy traffic, heat and drought tolerance.  Laboratory tested for quality and purity of seed. The Grass Pad Green Team can help you choose which lawn seed to use on your lawn and how to care for new grass seed. Come on down to the Grass Pad we sell only the best blends of grass seed best for full sun, shade, sun and shade, heavy traffic and sports fields.