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Farm, Homestead and Pasture

Pasture Pro® Herbicide

* Concentrated 2, 4-D mixed-amine herbicide formulation

* Use on pastures or lawns

* Eliminates 125+ species of tough broadleaf weeds and brush

* No waiting between treatment and grazing when used alone once sprays have dried

* One gallon treats 2 to 4 acres

Pronto® Big n' Tuf™Herbicide

* Concentrated non-selective herbicide formulation

* Use where no growth is desired

* No residual soil activity

* No additional surfactant required

*Can be used on Roundup® Ready crops

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Aqueous Fly Spray

* Ready-to-use insecticide formulation

* Use on cattle, horses, swine and in poultry houses

* Can be used as a premises spray/fog indoors or a mist outdoors

* Also kills fleas and mosquitoes

PondMaster® SeClear Algaecide & Water Quality Enhancer®

* Kills all types of algae, including blue-gree algae

* Reduces phosphorous to help stop algae before it starts

* Fewer applications and lower use rtes when used preventatively*

* Improves water quality and clarity*

PondMaster® Aquatic Herbicide

* Controls aquatic weeds such as hydrilla, water hyacinth, and water lettuce in ponds

* No interruption of swimming, fishing, or watering livestock after treatment

* Use in ornamental ponds, farm ponds, fresh water lakes, and fish hatcheries

* May be applied diluted or undiluted

PondMaster® Surface & Shoreline Herbicide

* Concentrated herbicide formula

* Contains glyphosate with aquatic surfactant

* Controls above-water aquatic weeds, shoreline weeds, and brush

* Controls cattails, willow, water hyacinth, and more as listed

* Will not harm fish or livestock when used as directed

*Compared to traditional copper algaecide treatments

PondMaster® Copper Sulfate Crystals

* Ready-to-use formulation

* Controls Algae

* Use in Ponds and lakes