Summertime Weed Control

Summer crabgrass and dandelion invasion. Q-Bomb, post emergent weed control, now available to control broadleaf & annual grassy weeds more

Turf Disease Fungus Fighters

Using Uncle's Fungus Fighters is the idiot proof way to control turf disease n your lawn. Talk to our turf experts to develop your resistance management strategy. more

Uncle's Idiot Proof Lawn Program

Uncle has the program to grow the finest sod. Folks wanted to know his secret, so he wrote them down on a yellow sheet of paper. more 

Buying & Installing Sod 

What to expect when you are buying and installing sod. Uncle makes it idiot proof. Do it for yourself! more

Summer Lawn Survival!

The Grass Pad Story

Farming 600 acres of sod on river bottom land near Farley, Missouri.  Uncle sold his sod, seed and fertilizer from an 80 year old dairy barn with two light bulbs and one outdoor privy . more about our history

Natural Grass vs. Artificial

Concerns continue to grow over the use of artificial turf for field sports. Is crumb rubber causing cancer? What about the excessive heat from artificial turf? Is it safe for the environment? Who has answers? more

Control Nutgrass in the Lawn 

How to kill nutgrass and yellow nutsedge in the yard. Uncle's Nut Buster stomps out nutgrass and will not harm the good grass. more

White Grub Controls

If  protecting your perfect turf is your goal. Use Grass Pad recommended two-step grub control solution. more