Grass Pad Garden Centers 

You can buy annual bedding plant flowers and perennials for gardens, hanging baskets and designer combination pots at Grass Pad Flower and Garden Centers. more 


Uncle's Idiot Proof Lawn Care

Uncle has the lawn care program to grow the finest grass lawn. Folks wanted to know his secret, so he wrote them down on a yellow sheet of paper. more 

Buying & Installing Sod 

What to expect when you are buying and installing sod. Uncle makes it idiot proof. Do it for yourself! more

The Grass Pad Story

Farming 600 acres of sod on river bottom land near Farley, Missouri.  Uncle sold his sod, seed and fertilizer from an 80 year old dairy barn with two light bulbs and one outdoor privy . more about our history

Controlling Moles in the Lawn

The best control for moles is from baiting active mole runs with Uncle's Moleminators. Mole chasers are also available for liquid or granular applications. more

Control on Nutgrass

Nutgrass is a common problem in summer lawns. Nutsedge, a perennial, tends to thrive under close mowing and are prolific in poorly drained or wet areas. more


Cool Season Weed Control

The best control for these little winter broadleaf weeds is with a cold weather liquid weed killer. more

Fungus Fighter 

Humid temperatures mean disease and fungus in your lawn. Start early, lawn spots are easier to prevent than control more