Grass Pad Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program
Learn Uncle's Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program. Even your husband can't screw this up....read more

Cool Weather Weed Killer
Control broadleaf weeds in cool weather using Speedzone. ...read more

Spring Seeding your Lawn
Full strength PREVENT! should not be used over new seed. ...read more

Grass Pad Garden Seed Warehouse
Boost your gardening success and grow  your own veggies from seed.  ..read more
Amazing New Mole Killer
Eliminate Moles
Uncle's Moleminator™, an amazing new mole bait to mimic the moles natural food ..read more
Got Voles!
Repairing Vole Damage
Discovering vole damage in early spring is a nuisance but easily repaired.

How to install sod
Heat Wave™ fescue and Blue Wave™ bluegrass sod.  Use Sod & Mulch Calculator
Best Trees for Kansas City
Uncle's recommendations on the best trees for Kansas City. Learn the best varieties.

Natural Grass Cools our Environment
Natural Grass vs. Artificial Turf
Concerns continue to grow over the use of artificial turf in sports....read more


Grass Pad Warehouse
Starting on a 600 acre sod farm in Farley Missouri. In an 80 year old dairy barn, one light bulb and an outdoor privy. ..read more


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See Grass Pad Hall of Fame Lawns
Hall of Fame Lawns
See a few of our customer success stories. Read their comments. Send us photos of your lawn.
Macho Mix turf-type fescue grass seed
Macho Mix™
Turf-type tall fescue grass seed for Kansas City. 5% perennial rye added for heavy traffic tolerance.
Heat Wave turf-type fescue grass seed
Heat Wave™
Turf-Type tall fescue grass seed. Improved varieties chosen for heat resistance and drought tolerance.
Uncle's Shade Mix grass seed
Uncle's Shade Mix™
Blended grass seed varieties with lower water and nutrient requirements.
Estate Mix bluegrass grass seed mix
Estate Mix™
Bluegrass blend with perennial rye grass added for traffic tolerance and quick cover.
Stadium Special Sports Turf Perennial Rye grass seed
Stadium Special™
Perennial sports turf rye use for quick cover and heavy traffic areas. Blends well with bluegrass & fescue.
Heat Wave Plus Grass Seed
Elite turf-type fescue blend. Plus 5% Bluegrass added for self repairing.
Blue Wave Bluegrass Blend
Blue Wave™ Bluegrass
Elite bluegrass seed blend with dark green color and thin blades, Blue Wave™ is bare feet friendly.
PrimeraFC Seed Dressing
100% weed free covering for grass seed in bare areas. Works like a blanket to hold heat and moisture.

In the Nursery

Best shade and ornamental trees for Kansas City
Best tree varieties for Kansas City are available at all Grass Pad nurseries.
Uncle's Max Mix Landscape Mix and Root Accelerator
Landscape mix for transplanting trees and shrubs or use for raised beds and planters.
Best fruit trees for Kansas City
We choose only the best performing fruit tree varieties for our area. Fruit tree pest control chart.
Uncle's Idiot Proof Roses are low maintenance
Uncle's easy care shrub roses for low maintenance and outstanding performance.
Best ornamental grasses for Kansas City
Best perfoming ornamental grasses for Kansas City. Use for borders or show.
Pine Needle Drop in White Pines
October is the season for pine needles to drop. Shed pine needles turn bright yellow.

 Lawn Pests

How to kill moles in lawn and garden.
Best control for moles in the lawn and garden. Moleminator for extermination or Shoo Magoo repellents.
Repairing Vole damage in the lawn
How to repair vole damage in turf grass and tips for vole control.
White Grub Worm
Grubs cause more damage to Kansas City lawns than any other insect.
Uncle's Fungus Fighter
Hot humid temperatures bring disease in to the lawn. Start treatment early.

 Summer Weed Controls

Uncle's Nutbusters controls nutgrass in the lawn

Controlling nutgrass in the lawn. Use Uncle's Nutbuster with spreader sticker.

Broadleaf weed control in warm weather
Weed and Feed
Summertime control for broadleaf weeds. Kill dandelion, clover, henbit, chickweed and more broadleaf weeds.
Q-Bomb post emergent control for crabgrass
Post emergent controls for crabgrass & broadleaf weeds in early summer to early fall. 

More Good Stuff

Grass Pad Purina Mills feed dealers
All locations are now authorized Purina Mills farm feed and pet food dealers.
Pasture Perfect pasture management
Recommended pasture management for Kansas & Missouri regions.
Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, crocus and more spring flowering bulbs
Colorful spring bulbs are the cure for those winter doldrums.
Uncle's Snowflake Pansy
This pansy prefers cooler temperatures and is ideal for early spring and fall color beds and planters.
Read Tips on Container Flower Design
Three easy steps will create a basic framework for any pot, basket, or container. 
See Uncle's List of Kansas City's Best Landscaping Companies.
If the job is too big to do it yourself, these companies use Grass Pad products.

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