Spring Overseeding 

How to stop crabgrass when dormant seeding or over seeding in early spring.   ....read more


Uncle's Idiot Proof Lawn Care

Uncle has the lawn care program to grow the finest grass lawn. Folks wanted to know his secrets, so he wrote them down on a yellow sheet of paper. ...read more Uncle's Idiot Proof Lawn Program.


Buying & Installing Sod 

What to expect when you are buying and installing sod. Uncle makes it idiot proof. Do it for yourself! ....read more on how to install sod.


The Grass Pad Story

Farming 600 acres of sod on river bottom land near Farley, Missouri.  Uncle sold his sod, seed and fertilizer from an 80 year old dairy barn with two light bulbs and one outdoor privy . ...read more about our history

Spot Seeding in Spring

Bare spots leave room for ugly weeds to invade your lawn. Spot seed to fill bare spots in spring and summer. No bare spots, mean no ugly weeds.  ...read more


The Best Lawn & Turf Grass Seed

Quality fescues, bluegrasses and perennial rye grass seed specifically selected for the midwest area fill our warehouses. University tested for quality and laboratory tested for purity and germination.  ...read more on Grass Pad grass seed varieties


Best Mole Control for Home Lawns 

A small animal that can do big damage to your lawn and garden. Control feeding moles with Uncle's Moleminator. An artificial bait that mimics their natural food the earthworm. ...read how to get rid of moles in the lawn 


Liquid Spray for Spring Weeds

In cool spring soils the best broadleaf weed killer is a liquid spray application of Speedzone. Speedzone kills dandelions, chickweed, clover, henbit and most broadleaf weeds quickly.  ..read more